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21 June 2012

Sponsored: Copper-ish Hair Colour by Vintage Salon

So it has been almost a month since my last hair dye..
I went to Vintage Studio to touch up my hair colour.
Instead of the previous red colour, Vincent decided to dye my hair with copper-ish colour.
I bleached my hair before. So, dark colour such as red wouldn't cover my roots.

Anyway, this time round, I visited their Holland Village Outlet.
The environment is very comfortable and customers are mostly Caucasian.
They offer nail service as well!

The service of both Holland Village and Far East Plaza outlet are equally awesome.
As usual, drink were served and magazines were offered.

Surprisingly all of the magazine showcased are the latest issue! =D
I finished reading all of the magazine.. #Happiness
oh! I love spending quality time in the salon.

Here's how the interior of the salon looks like..
and that's me! =D

Btw, the name of my stylist was Seven (If I am not wrong)
He's really funny and entertaining! We chatted a lot!
All of Vintage Studio's stylists and staffs are friendly and professional.

Here's my hair colour..
Copper-ish and a lil bit of red from my last hair dye..

Another comfortable spot! =D
My scalp was properly cleaned, hair was carefully handled,
the temperature of the water was just nice and the head massage was heavenly.
I almost fell asleep..

It took approximately 2 hours to dye my thick long hair..
I am pleased with the color except that I was hoping the colour to be a lil bit lighter..

It's blow dry and style time!
My hair was temporarily curled. I requested for the biggest curl they can do.

It turned out really really really NICE! oh!!
How I wish I can permanently perm my hair #sobsob

I was advised that big curl won't last and I said I don't mind..
Because, my hair style was meant for Singapore Blog Award interview
that happened hours after I left the salon.

After from the interview, I went to Orchard to meet up with boyfie.
We had a mini date that night! Haha! LOL had an Indonesian cuisine dinner
and catched a movie at Lido afterward.
Here are some pictures after I got home. Without flash (above) and with flash (below)

The colour is quite dark and not so obvious when indoor
and can be seen better when outdoor.

Overall, I am satisfied and would revisit the salon again.
In fact, I have scheduled another appointment for hair treatment this week.

Book your appointment with Vintage Studio today!

Here's the good news!
You'll get 20% off any hair service by simply mention my name!
"Hi, I am Irene's reader!" is the password =D

You can visit them at;

14 Scotts Road Far East Plaza #04-44, Singapore 228213
Tel: 67358123

26C Holland Village, Singapore 277685
Tel: 64658321

201 Victoria Street, #03-09/10 Bugis+,Singapore 188067
Tel: 66343818

Visit their website for more information and promotion:


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