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15 June 2012

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My wardrobe is filled with 80% dark colours apparel. Why? Because I am fat.
I don't really wear bright colour top such as white (except t-shirt), 
yellow, purple, green, pink, red..Duh! That's almost all of the colour? Zzz..
Anyway, In short, I prefer brown, nude, grey, black 
simply because dark colour apparel makes me look slimmer.
Dark colour helps to conceal our features. 
It makes your heavy or broad sections look smaller.

Here's some information of my size for your reference.
In case if you want to buy present for me LOL!

My size for top is sometime Small sometime Medium- thanks to my boobs =(
I am wearing size Medium or Large for bottom and mostly size M for dress.
My height is 153cm (or shorter I seriously don't know) and 
my stable weight is between 47.9kg - 48.9 kg.
Ugh! Okay! 48kg-49kg! Okay? =P

Today's theme is all about basic colour Grey and Black!
I got these apparels from both StarBlink shop and also Jennie Shop on

Aww...This blouse is so special!

So special that I decided to buy both colour! Haha!
I told you! I am a really bad decision maker!

I always end up buying two identical items when I think that the apparel is nice.
and mum always scold me for doing that! =P

I love the detail of the blouse v.v.v. much!
It looks like I am wearing a tank top and at the same time,
not too revealing because of the long sleeve.
Very comfortable too!

I have huge giant big arm and this blouse covers it perfectly! =D

You can try to pair this top with these accessories.

Move on..
Shoulder Square Stud Dress at $10.50 only! =D
I am so so so happy with this dress too! and again, I bought 2 !!
See..I am really crazy. I often buy two identical items!
Same colour, same size! Hahaha I just couldn't resist it!
This dress is so nice that I decided to buy two. Why?
Just in case one of it gone missing, lost, torn, etc..

Studs are very very popular recently. It's all over instagram!

I bun up my hair for this rocker look! Ckck..

Do I look good with bun? =P

Material wise, it's a little bit thin and a little bit translucent.
However, it is in Black colour. So, it's not an issue for me.

You can bring a simple black clutch like what shown in the picture above.

Another studded top.
I have an urge to buy the black one too! Really!
Hahaha but at the end, I still decide to buy the grey one only
because I have too much black dress already.

Grey is not really a safe colour to play with.
However, surprisingly I look 2% slimmer in this dress. =D
This dress has became my current favorite!

Again, it's comfortable to wear and it fits me perfectly!

Pair it with a killer heels and you're a sexy lady now! =D

Let me know which one do you like the best?
Visit now!

My friends have been showing me their purchase!
Show me yours too?

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Thank you!

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