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12 June 2012

Sponsored: Asymmetrical, High Low, Mullet or Waterfall Dress from Qoo10

Hey Hey! Another fashionable apparel from Qoo10 ! =D
As you know, asymmetrical skirt is EXTREMELY popular now..
some people called it high low skirt, waterfall skirt or mullet skirt..

I love to shop on Qoo10 mainly because, their apparels are VERY affordable!
Who says cheap item is not good?
I will prove it to you! Cheap items can look expensive too! =D

Secondly, apparels on Qoo10 are UPDATED!
Just take this as an example. I had hard time looking for asymmetrical skirt months ago..
And I was very happy when I saw it on Qoo10 !

Thirdly, it is safe! My parcel has NEVER gone missing!! =D
99% of my order on Qoo10 were sent by normal mail.
I will share more on my experiences in another blog post.

Anyway I got mine from this shop called Club10Ninety
 CLICK HERE to shop!

Basic colour such as nude, black, grey, green?

Or maybe pink or leopard print?

=D or this nice flora asymmetrical dress?

They are so pretty right? Again, visit Club10ninety on now!

I ordered this weeks ago, the price was $13.90 only! It was on promotion.
The price has increased to $ 19.00 now. Still very affordable, trust me.
Item arrived within a week and I am a happy customer.

Do not miss any more deal. Register an account at Qoo10 and get updated! =D
You will not regret!

Tropical flat dress - navy
Fabric: silk ice
Stretch: partially
Size: Free
Bust: 62CM-104CM
Clothing length: 103CM

Items you that you ordered online always either too big or small, long or too short?
Measure yourself correctly and always double check the size information provided.

My bust size is about 90-95cm and I am short. Haha!
I will order only if the length of dress is 85cm or more.
Yes I usually order my item based on 2 details only-bust size and length.
Therefore, the apparels I ordered always fit me nicely.

I love my asymmetrical dress! =D
Do you like it?
I love the print on it the most! It looks like those dress from Zara, isn't?

Pair it with a straw hat and you are ready for summer! =D

These are the accessories that I recommended for the dress.

Can't wait to shop?
Visit NOW!

Last but not least,
Kindly register an account at and vote for me HERE

Thank you!

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