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30 June 2012

Sasa Jurong Point Flagship Opening

I was invited to the Launch of Sasa Jurong Point flagshop opening!
It was a fun event filled with pampering session! It was also an extremely busy day for me.
After from the event, I need to go back home, pack my things and dog and travel back to Indonesia!

That was sort of the last event I attended when I was still in Singapore.
Some of you asked, will I still continue to update my blog?
Of course! It's even more exciting now! I will blog about both Indonesia and Singapore!
I will travel to Singapore for at least once every month..
If I have the time, I might travel to Singapore for the upcoming event too!
Since it's only 45mins away from my place to Singapore.
I am so happy that I can still meet my bloggers' friend and have fun with them at the event.

Upon entering the venue, I saw a generous spread of food!
However, I was too busy that I forget to eat. Haha!
Know why?

Photo credit : Herine

I was busy exploring the venue and also queuing up for the services!
The store is surprisingly huge! It's the largest flagship in Singapore!
You can find a lot of brand (including both existing and new) there.
It is like a department store to me!

I tried Gellish nail polish for the first time ever that day.
Last time I tried gellish on my acrylic nail and this time, on my very own nail.
It has been trending for some times. However, it just doesn't interest me.
I don't know why..

Red Carpet Manicure is one of the brands that is available at Sasa Jurong Point.

Here are the colours available.

Here is a brief information about Red Carper Manicure

LED Gel PolishAvailable in an array of colors, Applies like Polish, with twist cap and applicator,
but cures in a LED light in 45 seconds or in 3 minutes in traditional UV lamps, just like gels.
Weeks and weeks of long lasting color. 
No Chipping or peeling! And, Soak completely off in 10 - 15 minutes.

I choosed Nude colour!

Here's my beautiful nail after a week;
It's still so beautiful yea?
My friend YiJing's manicure last for 3 weeks? Haha she's amazing!

Next up!
Eyebrow shaping session!
About Empro's Service;

Enhance your inner confidence
Empro gives you contemporary quality, elegance, style, and confidence.
Irresistible stylish brand quality. Empro is designed purely for femininity.
We offer specialization for various customized requirements, unique lifestyles and affordable pricing 
to those who demand contemporary beauty and youthful feminine look. 
Empro gives a total solution to your beautiful self.
With Empro’s professional embroidery services, you can count on us to provide you 
the greatest beauty experience with self-esteem and happiness.
Empro has been a trusted embroidery brand for many Asian females today for their requirement 
on contemporary beauty and unique elegant quality.

In short,
It is a popular brand from Malaysia!
I have heard and read a lot of positive review of their product.
Now, it's available in Singapore! You can get your beautiful eyebrow shaped over the counter at Jurong Point Sasa!

Here's my cool-est friend, Herine! =D
I was so delighted when I saw her at the event!
She even get her eyebrow shaped by the Guru! Empro Founder and Prof - Coco Alex
Yes - The one you see on the poster!
How lucky she was! A lot of people were queing for him.

A group picture with awesome bloggers  HerineVivianVerlyn & Chantana
Ehya! Look at our eyebrow! sui right? ckck..
pic credit: Herine

Thanks to Kiyora from Sasa and Sasa Jurong for inviting me to the fun-filled event!

Lastly, don't forget to like their page on facebook!

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