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26 June 2012

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Bloggers' Party‏ at Full House Singapore and Review

Last week I was invited to the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Bloggers' Party‏!
The event was held at Rendezvous Grand Hotel - Near to Dhoby Ghaut.
Have I mentioned that Rendezvous is one of my favorite hotels in Singapore?
It is conveniently located approx 5mins walk from the MRT , near to Plaza Singapura
anddd... It's only one stop away from Orchard! =D

Thanks to Sally Hansen for choosing Rendezvous Hotel to held the event!
It's a good choice *wink*

The exact location of the event is in this restaurant called the "Full House" =D
If you are my loyal follower, you should roughly know about this place.
It's a beautiful restaurant with beautiful furniture and interior design. 
I think the concept is originally from Malaysia.
It was my second visit to the restaurant. In fact, my sister had her pre-wedding photoshoot there!

Upon arrival, I excitedly greet my blogger friends and immediately we went to check out the
candy bar corner! It's so pretty and we get to bring home the candies..

Sumptuous and delicious buffet dinner were served!
I had a great night mingling with all of my bloggers friend and
I made some new friends too! #HAPPY!
That's the reason why I love attending such event =D

Anyway, here's the main point of today's blogpost!
We were educated with some basic nail care steps.
The presentation was very insightful and informative. I learnt a lot that night.
We also had a mini hands on session and these were what provided for us..

Sally Hansen - Firming Hand Creme
Sally Hansen - Complete Care (Extra Moisture)
Sally Hansen - Diamond Strength - Diamond Effect Fast Dry Top Coat
Sally Hansen - Vitamin E (Nail and Cuticle Oil)
Sally Hansen - Gel Cuticle Remover

Towel, Emery Board and an Orange Stick.

Yes! The one that looks like satay stick is called the Orange stick.
It's made from Orange wood. Orange sticks are used in manicures.
They are slim sticks with tapered end that can be used to push back cuticles 
and remove detritus from under the nail and around the nail bed.

We were taught with some information of nail shape as well!

Nail Shapes

Oval — Looks good on most, particularly short, wide fingers.
Square — Works well to balance out long, narrow fingers.
Almond/Pointed — Elongates petite hands and fingers. 
Squoval — Softens wide nail beds. Also works well for short, wide fingers or long, big fingers.
Round — Great for short nails and those with very active hands, since round tends to break less.

Mine: I would usually go for Squoval or Oval as I have shorts and fat fingers =P

The first step before you start applying anything is to cut your nail, file or shape it and remove cuticle.
I tried this Sally Hansen Gel Cuticle Remover at the event.
In case you don't know, it was actually my first time trying nail cuticle remover.
I was amazed! The dead cuticle around my nail was easily removed and
I actually saw some white thingy coming out. 

After removing the cuticle, I applied my base coat and nah! Time to paint my nails!

Saw that drawing on the board? A,B,C
When you apply your nail polish, where should you apply first?
The answer is B! =X I always apply from C lol
It's always safer and better to apply nail polish from the center.
If you are professional already, I think you can start from C! =D

There was a mini nail competition and I decided to use these 3 colours!
430 Antique Bronze
420 Nude Shimmer
120 Diamonds

Trust me! The colours are amazingly nice! =D
It really shimmers like a diamond!

I have been in love with safe nail polish colour like beige, nude, light pink, brown and etc.
These colours are very safe to play with and it gives you this elegant look!

Here's my masterpiece! I actually drew some burberry inspired strips on it..
It was a lot of work! My hand was shaking and trembling..
Luckily it doesn't look too curvy. =P

Here are all of our designs!

And my nail design surprisingly won at the competition! Ah! worth the hard work! =D
Thanks Sally Hansen's team for choosing my nail design.
I am so proud of myself. Oh! If feels really awesome to be one of the "Best Nail Design" winners.
I won a $50 Full House voucher! That's a generous amount man!

About Sally Hansen Diamond Strength No Chip Nail Colors
The best just got better. This new, advanced formula now has platinum for 
superior strength, shine and wear.
It promises 10 day protection from breaking, splitting and craking.
It's infused with real Micro-Diamonds & Platinum too!

Experience exceptional dazzling Diamond strength, shine and wear!
Indulge your nails in a fairytale extravagance with Sally Hansen’s next generation of 
Diamond Strength Nails: Diamond Strength No-Chip Nail Color and Diamond Flash Fast Dry Top Coat. 
Understanding that diamonds are every girl’s best friend,
Sally Hansen is literally putting luxury at your fingertips, promising nails that sparkle like diamonds.

Embellish your nails with a new brilliant, long lasting streak-free color and shine with their breakthrough formula. 
Infused with an exclusive Micro-Diamond formula, Platinum and Aluminum, 
every coat ensures Diamond strength protection up to 10 days. 
Woes of color chipping and fading are now a thing of the past!Diamond Strength No-Chip Nail Color:
Be drawn into a magical fairy tale fantasy, with each shade of the extensive selection 
of 18 ultra-luxe shades) reflecting a distinct dimension of grandeur and beauty. 
The range spanning across regal jewel tones, confectionary color, bold brights 
and ethereal sheers are all synthesized with diamond powder particles. 
Housed in a radiant faceted glass bottle reminiscent of a real diamond, 
each formula carries the brand’s trademark brilliant strength and quick touch dry-time.

To further amp up the radiance in your nail color, the light refractive diamond powder particles 
make nails instantly twice as shiny as natural nails – 
embellishing your fingers with beautiful sparkles with a multi-dimensional, faceted shine.

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength No-Chip Nail Color is available in the following lavish shades:
Diamonds, Something Blue, Bride to Be, Brilliant Blush, Champagne Toast, It’s Chiff-On!, Lavendar Marquis, Princess Cut, Fuchsia Bling Bling, Something New, Heart to Heart, Diamonds and Rubies, Nude Shimmer, Antique Bronze, Royal Romance, Wedding Crasher, Save the Date and Black Tie.

My Review:
It shines like a diamond!
So far, I have only tried the colours shown above. It gives this shimmery and glossy finish.
I heard some blogger raving about the black colour nail polish as well!
It's really rare for black nail polish to have shimmery effect.
In short, I would recommend you to purchase it and 
I would definitely buy more colour for myself to keep!
Must buy: #120 Diamond Oh! It's the shiniest nail polish ever.
I do have some glittery nail polish. But most of the nail polish would cover my base colour.
But for this one, it stands out your base colour instead!
If you like shimmery and glossy kind of effect, hesitate no more!
You should go down to stores and check out all of the colour available!
They are really pretty.

Price & Availability:
Diamond Strength No-Chip Nail Color: $13.90
Diamond Flash Fast Dry Top Coat: $16.90

Collection is available at 
Watsons, Guardian, Sasa, BHG, Robinsons, John Little and other fine stores.

Here's a polaroid taken with some of my bloggers friend.
They are awesome!
Yvette, Eliza, Evonz, Christina, Me and YiJing!

We had a wonderful and fun night! =D
Here's a group photo of all of the blogger..

Haha check out our cute pose LOL

Thanks Sally Hansen for such a wonderful and awesome event! =)

Stay tune for more updates! =D

Visit Sally Hansen Singapore Facebook here

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