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02 July 2012

I Miss Singapore: Suju Japanese Restaurant, Sushi Tei, Orchard, Penisula Plaza, Golden Village, The Amazing Spiderman, Mandarin Gallery, The Denim Store

Here's a brief update!

I have been traveling to Singapore for leisure purpose and it was really fun!
I always try my best to spend my day fruitfully when I am there..
I hate to say this but, I miss Singapore! Haha!
I miss its Shopping mall, Fastfood, Daiso, Bugis, Orchard, Japanese food gah! Almost everything!

Boyfie and I travel to Singapore for at least 4 times last month.
We had sumptuous lunch at this fine dining restaurant called Suju - located at the Mandarin Gallery.
Suju serves authentic Japanese cuisine. High quality and freshest ingredients were used.

I love the ambiance and the cozy-ness of the restaurant.

Look at this juicy scallop and fresh salmon. They were yum yum!

Ordered beef cheek and grilled fish too! =D
We really seriously miss the Japanese food v.v.v much a lot many omg!
Hm..I don't even know what kind of English I am talking about now hahaa!
It's really hard to find a good Japanese Restaurant in my area.

Oh btw, we went there because, Sushi Tei at Ngee Ann city went missing! LOL
Later we found out that it has moved to Paragon!
We missed it, so we went there for lunch another day haha!

Move on, we also went to  Orchard Central

coz he wanted to buy the latest playstation game at the Funz Center

More shopping.. He bought shirt, jeans, oh! He did a lot of *scary* shopping!

This is a shop that we always visit when we're in Singapore!
He stocked up his jeans from this shop called The Denim Store.
His current fav brands are: Nudie Jeans Co and 77 April

Not to forget his Manchester United jersey too!
He always patronize this particular shop at Penisula Plaza
Firstly, the owner of this shop is a Man-Utd fans.
Secondly, it's cheaper! by $10 or more..
Thirdly, you can always find any latest jersey there!

You might not believe it but, he always shop more than I do! Haha!

We went to Singapore for movies too!
Last week we went to watch The Amazing Spiderman..
Here's a combo package they are offering at the moment!
That's a SpiderMan earphone!

The Amazing Spider-Man Combo at $12.50!
Includes:1 x Large Coke
1 X Large Popcorn
1 x The Amazing Spider-Man Earphone
GV Movie Club members enjoy $1 off!
Subject to availability, whilst stocks last.

I miss my meatball with nachos cheese! =D
Last but not least, DAISO!!!! =D

Stay tune for my Daiso haul blogpost!
Love ya!

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