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06 June 2012

Gucci, The Maltese VS Merzy, The Pomeranian

Today I am going to talk about these two little naughty dogs!
As you know, my dog named Gucci has just moved back to Indonesia with me.
My brother's dog named Merzy doesn't like him #poorbaby

Before I start to blog about what happened recently, here's some information about them..

This is Baby Gucci. He is originally from Taiwan. A white Maltese dog.
We bought him from a shop at Pasir Ris Pet Farm in Singapore 4 years ago.
His mum was a champion breed! The seller shows us his mum when we were there.
It means, we actually got him at a quite expensive price..
If I am not wrong there were 3 puppies in the cage, 2 male and 1 female.
We need to choose one and female is more expensive so, she is out.
I don't know how but in the end, we decided to choose this little naughty dog, Gucci.

Ps: Why buy a dog? Bf is a dog lover and he always want to buy one. However, I disagree.
I was simply not ready to have a dog. Btw, at that time, I am also scared of dog (Can you believe it?)
Anyway, we still went to have a look..Yes he said he just want to have a LOOK.
On a random day, I went to the pet farm with him and our ex housemate, Chenny.
When we were there, story changed. I tried my best to stop him! Unfortunately fail!
He still decided to buy Gucci. Guess what's next? He said " Babe, this is your birthday present!" Zzz..
I was like what? You want a dog and you buy a dog, for me? Excuse me!? Haha!
That's world's best excuse! =_=" Anyway, I accept Gucci and I also added this sentence
"You'll be the one to clean his pee and poo, paying for his expenses, everything is on you!"
Hahaha Yes, it has to come with a package like this. I am a calculative person! =P

So, Gucci is VERY active dog. Not friendly to stranger and dog too, I guess.
He bites! I am not kidding!
He bites my bro, my sis, my dad, me almost everyone- expect mum.
When I says bite, it's bleeding kind of bite! Scary right?
He barks too! He barks at any strangers! Be it postman, mcdelivery guy, our parent, any strangers!
He is not a dog. He's a dinosaurs, a tiger, a lion, well, anything wild! LOL!
But He's cute! Don't you agree? =D

Move on to Merzy, he's my brother's dog.

Why my brother decided to get a dog too? Because of ME! Zzz...
He told my mum "Ma..cece got a dog! I also want!" Hahaha!
Actually it has been years! He always want a pet since he was 10 or younger?
He's a fanatic animal lover! When he was younger, he always brought random animals home after school.
I was extremely scared of animal. Especially cats and dogs!
Because of Colle (the first Maltese bf got in Indonesia, which is now being adopted by someone else) and Gucci,
I overcame my fear of pets (I am still scared of cats though).

Back to the story, he pesters mum for months and mum was forced to say yes!
Anyway Merzy is a Pomeranian bread. His colour is messy! Haha!
When he was young, his colour was black and white and now, he turned brown (Don't ask me why).
He looks like a fox, don't you agree?
He's a very friendly dog. He don't bite unless you steal his food. He seldom barks too.
He is very very smart! I think this is because of my brother too. He teaches and trains Merzy very often.
He's 3 years old this year. He is a happy dog.

 Watch this video that I recorded!

So they didn't get along very well as you can see from the picture above!
Gucci always look for Merzy and I think he wants to play with him..
But, Merzy doesn't like him!

Haha the fierce-est expression of Merzy that we've ever witnessed.

They always bark at each other..
I did some research on it.

From :  Paw-Rescue.Org

Some fights occur with little warning, but often you can spot behaviors that signal trouble ahead,
so use that opportunity to keep a fight from breaking out.
Watch for these behavioral cues to see if a fight is imminent:
* A hard, unwavering, targeted stare.
* Dominance posturing, such as mounting.
* Stiff body movements.
* Extreme body language: the tail held stiffly up or down, lips pulled tight against the teeth.

Dogs initiate fighting when they do not feel secure around other dogs.
Dogs may also display aggression to dogs who approach them outside, 
especially when their owner gets tense  in the presence of other dogs and yanks on the dog's collar. 
For example, the dog may be communicating to the other dog: 
"Go away! When you appear, my owner gets upset and gives me a punishment."

These are what I observed on Merzy! He was very aggressive and doesn't like Gucci.

On my part, I tried to use voice control by shouting "NO" loudly when they fight.
Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.
My brother will throw the metal bowl on the floor to create very loud noise so that they will leave each other.

Anyway, according to some information that I found on the internet, I was advice to
"Stop them if they really fight (or if you see blood) or else, let them fight"

Gucci and Merzy didn't really fight. They just kept barking at each other.
So I thought, maybe I should just let them continue barking.

In this case, Gucci will bark non-stop and in the end, Merzy will get into his cage #PoorMerzy
Gucci is a bad dog!

I think I know how Merzy feels. It's Merzy's house and Gucci is getting the attention.
Of couse Merzy will feel jealous and angry.
He should be the boss in this house and yet this naughty Gucci thinks that he's the boss Zzz...

Gucci is a bad dog ! =P
Anyway, he has moved to bf's place and I hope he's doing great there.
Stay tune for more story about them.


  1. Anonymous07 June, 2012

    Go and consult a dog whisperer from Mexico who is called Cesar. He is in Asia and was in Singapore last week to advise on how to handle dogs. His gentle ways and simple whispers on owners' dogs made dog owners changed their own views, mehtods and ways of handling their dogs. perhaps you can find him in google.

  2. Anonymous07 June, 2012

    The dog with his tail upright is telling other dogs that he is the leader. The dog who lives in the house first before another dog moved into the same house is normally and automatically becomes the leader. There fore it is impottant to introduce the new dog into the house in a "respectful" way to the other dog already in the house. Ensure that your treatment of him is not less than the new dog. Ensure his food is served at the same time as the other dog. And not scold or beat him in front of ther other new dog. Just a short "tsks" in your whispers to him wil lhelp to stop his "Grrr" barking behaviours on the other dog.

  3. They always eat separately. In fact, Gucci's area is my room. He drink and eat in my room.I tried tsk, shout no loudly and other methods when they fight. They just won't stop barking. Merzy should be the boss, he lives in this house first and yet when Gucci barks, he always hide in his cage. It shows that Gucci is more powerful isn't? I don't know what to do huhuhuhu #poormerzy. But anyway, Gucci has moved and currently lived with my bf.. Everything is fine now. =)

    1. Anonymous08 June, 2012

      they will get along each other but it needs time to socialize them.
      i have a lot of dogs, for the newcomer, they will agressive to him until they know each other.
      both of them are cute dogs anyway.. =p

  4. Anonymous07 June, 2012

    How much did your bf bought for the maltese?

  5. Anonymous08 June, 2012

    When the two of them barking each other, it's better not to pat or carry one of them because the other will get jealous and will make them difficut to get along with, just let them barking and if possible let them meet each other very often as Gucci is not living in your house now T.T. They just need time to adapt especially for Merzy because that's his territory but after a while, believe me they will get along. Hope can read/watch more video about them. I really like your Gucci...he's so cute!!! I wanna hug him...kawaiiiiiiiii

  6. Anonymous11 June, 2012

    Can I know how much your bf bought this maltese? Anyway in what suitation will Gucci bite you? My dog will bite my finger with bleeding also. I love your video. Repeating n repeating. Cute

  7. Gucci sometimes do bite me. But that's only when I am playing with him hehe.. Bf bought maltese at $1.2? or 1.5? I don;t remember.. I try not to touch them when they are barking. But when they bark non-stop I'll carry Gucci back to my room. Yes next week Gucci will stay in my house again as Bf needs to travel to overseas =) Thank you so much for all of the comments, I will tell Gucci about it =)


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