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27 June 2012

Father's Day 2012 Celebration with My Dearest Family

Ops! I am late.. =P
Father's day post is supposed to be published last week and I just managed to transfer
some of the photos to my laptop!

Anyway, it was a beautiful Sunday! Our day start with a visit to the Church in the morning.
The speech that day talked about Father's love. It was a meaningful speech.
There was a mini Father's day celebration at the end of the event.

Here's a picture of dad receiving his gift! =D 
Every father received a small gift that morning! Look at how happy my dad was!
He was posing for photo! My sis bro and mum were sitting on the left row.

After from the Church, we decided to have our lunch at this restaurant called the
"Rumah Makan Pondok Cheng Ho" Basically, it serves Padang Cuisine.
If I am not wrong, the owner of the restaurant is actually a Chinese.
It is pretty rare for a Chinese to sell Padang Cuisine in my area
and I think that's why this restaurant is special - to my parent.

In case you don't know (Well, I think I mentioned this in my other blogpost before)
Nasi Padang Style means you'll be served with dishes like what shown below and...
you only pay for what you eat!
E.g: There are 2 chickens on the plate right? If you eat one, you just need to pay one!
Nah! That's the reason why Nasi Padang always have this hygiene problem!
What if?? Ah...I think it's better not to mention it here...haha! #disgustingmind

Anyway, even though it may not be clean, we still love nasi padang!
It's really hard to resist! Think about the rendang, perkedel, ayam pop..
Oh! I have to stop here or else, I might go out and cook a pack of Indomie for myself after this.. LOL

Btw, the leopard cardigan that my sis was wearing, the shirt that my brother was wearing and
the blouse that I was wearing - Were all from Qoo10! Amazing right? =D

Here's a cake from my sis's husband who joined us after we've finished eating. LOL
He had his lunch at home already - don't worry.

Happy Father's Day our dearest papi BK! =D
Thank you so much for EVERYTHING! Thank you so much for your unconditional love.
I am so lucky to be your daughter. We are lucky to be your children.
We love you!

Rainbow cake - as mentioned in my previous blog post.
It's popular but still, I don't dare to eat it. =x

Here's a gift from me and my bf for dad..
A pair of belt we got from Tangs!

How did you spent your Father's Day? Mind to share? =)

Have a great day!

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