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17 June 2012

Celebrated Mum's Birthday at a Traditional Korean Restaurant in Batam

Yes...4 occasions in a row..
Early May Mother's Day - End of May Dad's Birthday
Early June Mum's Birthday - End of June Father's Day

My attire of the day - Leopard Print Theme

Yeah! It means, we need to start saving from early January.
So that we have some monies to spend on cakes, gifts and etc.
So, we celebrated mum's birthday by having a dinner at this Korean restaurant
called Dae Jang Gem - located at Rosedale, Batam - Indonesia.

It was my first time there and the environment was cozy.
We had a sumptuous Korean BBQ dinner last week.
These are the side dishes we ordered..
Traditional Korean cuisine: Spicy Rice Cake (떡뽂이 Ddukbokki) - on the right
and also a portion of Pajeon (Korean Pancake) - on the left
It is a variety of jeon with green onions as its prominent ingredient,
as pa literally means 'green/spring onion' in Korean.

We ordered two portions of Samgyeopsal (삼겹살; Korean pronunciation: [samɡjʌp̚sal])
It is a popular Korean dish.
The literal meaning of the word is "three (sam; 삼) layered (gyeop; 겹) flesh (sal;살)," 
referring to the ostensible three layers that are visible in the meat.

Both dishes taste not too bad.

The meat was really fatty! But we grilled the pork without any oil..
So, that's somehow better.
The guys like it very much. We ordered another portion afterward.

The grilling session was fun and messy ckck.. 

We also ordered a portion of Bossam.
Bossam is a type of ssam in Korean cuisine in which steamed pork
is wrapped in a leaf vegetable such as red lettuce or sesame leaf,
often accompanied by a condiment known as ssamjang.

Yaps that's how we eat it..

Last but not least, a portion of Kimbap (김밥)
Gimbap or kimbap is a popular Korean dish made from steamed white rice (bap)
and various other ingredients, rolled in gim (sheets of dried laver seaweed)
and served in bite-size slices.

The ingredients were only veggies and sausages.
I prefer sushi though..the rice wasn't as sweet and tasty as Japanese rice.

Commercial break: That's the owner of the restaurant.
A Korean watching Korean channel in a her own Korean Restaurant.
Aw are we in Korea now? =D

Anyway, my parent was happy as our family has grown bigger now!
My younger sister has just got married last month
and it means, one more family member for us yay!

Bf, Yours truly, Sis, Her husband
Mami, Papi, Bro

We are Korean Family. Muahaha just joking!

Here's the cake bf and I ordered from MayFlower - Batam (As always) for mum.
Mum loves their cake. This time round, instead of the usual yam cake,
I ordered a Black Forest cake which was equally nice.
I requested the swirl to be in white colour with some sugar flower on top.
It looks sweet isn't? I love the flower! They look real.

Happy Birthday Mami!! *muach*

Here's my lovely mum and sister.

That's papi settling the bill. Dad asked me to take this picture.
Hahaha He even told that Korean owner that I want to take picture with her (In English)
Hahaha Initially we bet that Dad wouldn't dare to speak English with her and..
Guess what? He really went and talked to her..#SoFunny 

We decided to eat the cake at home as we were still full after the dinner.
Ohya! Sis ordered a cake for mum too!

An extremely yummy and fresh fruit cake! =D

Another Family Picture with little Merzy.

Sis, The Birthday "GIRL" and I. =D

Aw two cakes in a day.

Hm..actually five pastries! Haha mum received a parcel from Bank Mandiri and
we also received two baby's full month cakes in the morning.

That's all for today!
Happy Birthday Bak-So mami!
We love you!

Stay tune for the upcoming Father's Day Post!

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