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18 June 2012

Batam: Kampung Timbel and Mega XXI - Mega Mall Batam Center

It has been 2 weeks since I moved back to Indonesia.
My life is so far so good. I love to be in my own country very much.
Everything is good- especially the yummy Indonesian cuisine!
However, to my surprise, I have actually lost some weights despite of my craving for local food.
I think it's because of my healthy lifestyle. I had my breakfast, lunch and dinner on time.
No more McDonald supper, KFC OR Pizza Hut dinner.

Anyway, last week, we had our lunch at this Restaurant located at Mega Mall, Batam Center.
It was my first time there and I love the food VERY VERY MUCH! =D

It's a Sundanese Style Restaurant.
Cozy and Clean environment.

You can choose to sit either on the chair or on the floor! =D
To be honest, I prefer to sit on the chair because, I dislike sitting on the floor. 
I think it's because I am too fat, so fat that it clogs my blood circulation..

Anyway, this time round, we choosed to sit on the floor instead!
Comfortable cushions were provided and to my surprise, my legs were fine! =D

Look at this awesome beach few!

Tried to capture the beautiful scenery behind me - FAIL!

Here are the food we ordered;
I had Ayam Bakar (Grilled Chicken) + Nasi Timbel and he had Ayam Goreng (Fried Chicken) + Nasi Timbel.
I always prefer grilled food as it's healthier.. =D

OH! The nasi timbel taste incredibly NICE! I would definetely re-visit the restaurant!
Food were served in a cute pot shown below..

Oh! Btw, look at his cute expression! Haha I don't know what he was having LOL!

Wrong drink =(
I ordered an orange + coconut drink but they give me bandung + coconut drink instead.
Phew, unhealthy color. But it's alright, waste of food is worse than eating unhealthy food. Hehe..

Oh! We ordered a grilled fish too!
Everything taste really great! =D Yummy Yummy!

After lunch, we went to basement floor for some groceries shopping.
I bought some chocolates and he got some snacks (For Euro - you know it!)
While waiting, we decided to go to Gadeno New York Pizza and Steak Restaurant for some drinks. 
Actually I was still very full. But it's alright, a cup of dessert drink won't hurt. =P

I had a Avocado float and he and Soursop float? 
I love Avocado - Fat but good for skin. His soursop drink taste weird.

We watched Snow White and The HuntsMan at a cinema called Mega XXI
Ticket was only Rp 25.000  about $3 ? =D I love the movie. You should watch it too!
More exciting post coming up!
Stay tune!


  1. Amazing diner place.. U look choo cute! :D

    Maybe you have time to read my New Post- Similar Difference


  2. Awww! the food loook sooo delicious and the restaurant was soo nice n unique as they have provide two side of place either in table or sitting on floor. :)


Thanks for your lovely comment!