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11 May 2012

What's trending recently?

Just a brief shout out on what's trending in 2012!

Asymmetrical skirt or dress

A style we are seeing more and more often on the red carpet!
I love asymmetrical skirt! I am  short and would look weird in maxi skirt.
Asymmetrical skirt is perfect for me as it looks kind of casual from the front
elegant and formal from the back! =D

Flora Short!

I love interesting flora pattern fabric!
High waist + Flora + Short is another perfect combination!

Next is Galaxy Print;

I personally have not found any apparel that comes in interesting galaxy print.
Some just looks cheap to me lol

A handful of bracelet!

Not one, not two but a bunch of bracelet on wrist!
I love this!

Chunky Statement Necklace!

I have collected some of such necklace..
Mum always says that I am insane when I want to buy one.
She is not fashionable! Haha!

Peter Pan Collar

I am so sorry but I am sick of peter pan collar LOL!
I can easily grab anything with peter pan collar when I shop!

Ombre or Gradient colour!

Prada Fashion Show Spring/Summer 2012

A French term meaning "shaded."
Usually a multicolored stripe, with colors graduating from light to dark.
The color effect is woven into the fabric.

What's trending?
Anything Ombre! From hair colour, short,etc


I personally like this waterfall braid !

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