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22 May 2012

Update: Marilyn Monroe Inspired Shirt and Life in Indonesia =D

Here's another blog post for you! A very short and simple post!
I was wearing my new shirt that mum bought from a random shop along Orchard rd!

Marilyn Monroe inspired?
Hahaha Designed by Korea(n) ? LOL

I love vintage inspired design/ pattern!

Do you like my new shirt?
I decided to pair it with my h&m sun glass, my lacey bag, 
a black bangle and a simple gold ring!

In case you don't know,
I am still in Indonesia! =D
Life is so so so so good here. I miss Gucci though =(

Here's an interesting fact about me,
I don't know how to ride a bicycle LOL!
Hahaha here's a picture of me, posing with a random bicycle I found near to my dad's office..
Posing..only.. =P

I went to visit my lil sister as well!
Here's a picture of me, again!? haha! taken in the car and in their room!

My parent invited my sister's husband's family for a meal.
We went to Bengkong (A famous seafood restaurant in town) for lunch!

That's all for today.
A very boring blog post haha! Have a great day!

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