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20 May 2012

Tutorial: Ombre Nail Colour

Alright! So, here's another nail tutorial blog post for you!
I decided to try ombre nail colour and to my surprise,
it was easy! =D

Theme: Purple Pink

Colours featured;
Purple, Shimmery pink and shimmery purple.

The base or 1st colour has to be dark, deep or pigmented colour.
Second and third colour has to be transparent or shimmery.

All of the colour has to be in the same category or similar.
E.g: purple and pink, grey and black, etc..

Firstly apply the dark colour first.
You don't need to apply it on your whole nail.
Half of it (as shown in the picture above) is good enough.

Secondly apply the second darkest shimmery polish.
and thirdly apply the third light shimmery polish.

In this case I used;
1. Purple pigmented nail colour,
2. Purple shimmery nail colour,
3. Pink shimmery nail colour.

Here's how it looks like.
With flash and without.

Apply glittery shimmery on top of it would make your nail looks even prettier!

Happy Trying!

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