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09 May 2012

Tutorial: Galaxy Nail Art

I was very curious about Galaxy nail color
so I googled and watched some youtube videos to find out!
The secret is actually sponge!
It is actually very very easy! What you need is only a piece of sponge!

I couldn't find any decent sponge at home..
So I walk around and tadah! With my creativity, I decided to use dish sponge! Hahaha!

Firstly, apply dark or black nail colour for the base!
I decided to add some gold nail color on top of it too..

Here's how it looks like..
Very messy but do not worry! You can clean it later..

Next use some bright colour..
Drop a little bit on the sponge,
clean residues on a piece of paper first
and dab it on top of your nail.

Clean up the side of your nail with cotton bud.

Last but not least,
Apply a layer of top coat or shimmery top and you are done!

Happy Trying and Enjoy!


  1. Are they rough and bubble-ish when you touch the nail art?

  2. Anonymous10 May, 2012


  3. Hi Vica, they wont leave bubbly finish =)

  4. such a clever way to use the dish sponge! love the result !:))


Thanks for your lovely comment!