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23 May 2012

Sponsored: Vintage Studio - My Hair is Glowing with Beautiful Colour !

Hi Guys, I am so excited to share with you about my latest hair colour! =D
My new hair colour is proudly sponsored by Vintage Studio!

About Vintage Studio

Vintage Studio is a Beauty Hair Salon located at Holland Village and Orchard Road,
which is the central part of Singapore.
With more than 10 years of experiences in hairstyling, their Managing Director,
Mr. Vincent Ang also the co-founder of Vintage Studio leads a team of professional
and skillful stylist that are specializes in hairdressing, nails, make-up and other treatment services

Vintage Studio endeavor to deliver only the best quality services with high level of proficiency 
towards all their customers and to also provide a one stop beauty and lifestyle solution 
that caters to different customers needs from all walks of life.

Vintage Studio salon have a total built-in area of 1100sqft,
and the overall concept are nicely set up with the aim to provide their customers a comfortable
and relaxing session with their team of friendly and professional consultant,
plus their healthy organic products allow their valuable customers to have the benefit
to maintain a healthy lifestyle while enjoying their line of prestige services
that are created specially just for their customer.

As what mentioned,
the salon is nicely decorated with interesting and classic interior design
as well as comfortable furniture.
I was very delighted when I enter the salon!
I LOVE victorian-themed design! =D

The outlet I went to was conveniently located at Far East Plaza.
Upon reaching, I was treated like a princess, I swear.
Imagine 3 or more people walking toward you and saying things like;
"Hi, this is your robe (putting on the robe for you)"
"This is your cape miss Irene (putting on the cape for you)"
"This is your hot towel (imagine me, cleaning my hands like a 'tai tai with the warm towel)"
"This is the drink menu, what would you like to drink? (Hot chocolate please =P)"

Before the session starts,
Mr Vincent, the managing director communicate with me and examine my hair condition.
As you all know, I bleached my hair before.
So in this case, he suggested this Nutri Colour product by Nutrilux.

About Nutrilux

Color has a new nature. It's a new generation botanical colouring product.
Nutrilux represents a new generation of colour.
a cream with precious treating oils, which responds perfectly to our lifestyle,
offering us extraordinary performance whilst fully respecting the health of our hair.

This PPD & Ammonia Free cream gel color line responds to 
the emerging market with a new cosmetic consciousness. 
It’s on the cutting edge of technology and no other line can compare. 
Nutrilux is a blend of semi tone on tone and permanent color so 
what you get is a shiny healthy hair with true color and a natural look.

Nutrilux color contains 3 natural oils:
Macadamia oil which keeps hair nourished and silky.
Cyperus oil with its high content of Tocopherols, offers natural protection against free radicals.
It bestows shine, body, softness and manageability.
Rosa Mosqueta Oil sustains and supports cell functions,
and is an intensive anti-age treatment with nourishing powers.
This oil contains vitamin A & C as well as Omega 3 & 6.

I decided to go for Frutti Rossi (Red rose colour) 

Nutrilux offers a unique colouring technique called Nutriblend
which produces a look that does not define but blurs, for a multi faceted and natural colour effect.
Keep reading and witness the beautiful colour! =D

Btw, do you know the reason why I was very confident when I enter the salon?
Look at the hair colour of their stylists! Do I need to say more?
To me, if the hair of the hairstylists are cool, mine would turn out cool too! =P
All of their stylists are nicely dressed in black colour outfit looking professional
at the same time very very friendly and sometimes funny! =D
They handled my hair very patiently and carefully.
Again, I bleached my hair before, without conditioner,
my hair would turn out to be crazily tangled.
They have to comb my hair patiently section by section so that the colour will turn out even.

During the process, I didn't smell any bad or heavy scent like those common hair dye product!
Instead, it feels like I was doing hair treatment!
The hair colouring product is very very gentle and as you can see, 
it looks like conditioner instead of hair dye product that's usually thick and creamy.

I watched Taiwan Variety show while waiting for my hair.
I was entertained with loads of Japanese magazine too!
and not to forget, my warm and yummy hot chocolate drink.

Are you ready?
Look at my beautiful hair colour !!!!! =D
My hair feels extremely smooth and soft!
My mum was surprised too!
She touched my hair and said "Eh,why is your hair so soft?"

Look at the end of my hair, isn't amazing?
No dry or split-end.

Now, wear your sunglasses!
Hahaha look at how shiny my hair is! =D

I am pleased with both of my hair colour and my hair condition.
I have been abusing my hair by bleaching it and thanks to Vintage Studio,
My hair is now glowing with beautiful colour! =D
What a perfect combination!

Good news! Their new outlet is opening soon!
The location is at Bugis + (pronounced as Bugis plus / formerly known as Iluma) #03-10/11.

And specially for my readers,
You'll get 20% off any hair service by simply mention my name!
"Hi, I am Irene's reader!" is the password =D

You can visit them at;

14 Scotts Road Far East Plaza #04-44, Singapore S(228213)
Tel: 67358123

26C Holland Village, Singapore 277685
Tel: 64658321

Visit their website for more information:


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