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15 May 2012

Sponsored: April BellaBox Review

Received my April BellaBox!
As usual, I was extremely excited and delighted!
You should have subscribed to Bellabox by now!!
It's a best way to pamper yourself.
Imagine to be surprised by mysterious beautiful pinkbox every single month!
Isn't it great?

It's affordable too!
The monthly subscription fee is only SGD 15.
Forget about romantic boyfie!
Let's create the sweetness ourselves by subscribing to BellaBox and 
get excited every month =P
Or, if you are a guy and you are reading this,
be romantic! Subscribe to Bellabox, send it to your girlfriend's office!
make her colleagues goes " sweet" =D


omg omg omg!!
Let's get excited!!! Look at my April Bellabox filled with goodies! =D
*Ultra High*

Imagine I smile while taking all these photos! =D
I was very very happy!
I tried several products featured in April BellaBox and I love it!
Totally worth the money !!

Benefit Cosmetics Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Liquid Foundation!!!
Retail size costs $54 !!

If you are my loyal reader, you should be familiar with this product!
I was invited to the launch of this amazing foundation months ago.
I have been using it for weeks and I totally love it!
It is very moisturizing!

Next up we have Kinohomitsu Collagen Drink!
Retail price is $39.90 / 6 bottles.
I tried Kinohimitsu product before and so far, I have not seen any significant changes in me.
I think you need to drink it for a period of time to see the result and result varies. =)

Amazingly cute Lavender Shower Gel by Lemongrass house!
I saw Lemongrass House stores before but I didn't have the chance to visit them yet.
It's a good time to try their product and visit their store as I received a $5 voucher as well!

Another awesome brand, Anavose !
I totally love their product!
Received this cute travel size Black Tea Quench Mask and I fell in love with it!

Moa Green Balm!
It smells very light and minty! Guess what? it is actually very effective!
I tried it by applying some on my hand as I was bitten by naughty moisquito.

Surprisingly the redness and itchy-ness gone within less than an hour!
I am not kidding! You have to try it to believe!

I love all of the useful and branded products featured!

April Bellabox
Flawless Beautyflaw·less [flaw-lis] adjective
:having no discernible blemishes or shortcomings; perfect.

This month we embark on a journey of perfection and flawless beauty with Bellabox.
Be the first to discover the newest products and brands to achieve that impeccable look.
We'll also share insider tips that will ensure you enjoy a flawless look from day to night
The April Bellabox - your guide to looking flawless

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