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10 May 2012

Pandudinatalya's Wedding Day

Here's another update for you!
So in the early morning, my lil sister went to the bridal studio for her make up and hair do.
Here she is!! in her really long beautiful gown!

That day was the day where the groom fetches the bride from her family’s home
and brings her to his family home where the ceremony is performed.
The couple serves tea to the groom’s parents followed by a wedding banquet.

While waiting for the groom to arrive, here's what happened..

Delivery of Chinese Dowry

The chinese dowry may be delivered with the return gifts on the day of betrothal 
or delivered a few days before the wedding.
Some people have the impression that chinese weddings are expensive affair for the groom's parents 
since they have to pay for the betrothal gifts, bride price and wedding banquet.

However, it may not be so, as the bride's parents also have a long long list of items to prepare 
for the bride's dowry and may also co-pay for the wedding banquet.

The dowry typically include personal items for the bride and 
household or electrical appliances for the couple's new home, such as
tea set for the wedding tea ceremony,
beddings, pillows, bolsters, comforter set, blankets, bed sheets, etc., tied with red ribbons,
子孙桶- baby bathtub, potty, face washbasin, in red and with wedding designs,
toothpaste and toothbrushes, tumblers, mirror, comb, 
sewing basket with even numbered rolls of colourful thread, needles, pincushion, 
scissors, and sewing wax with auspicious words on it,
new clothing in a suitcase for the bride, two pairs of red wooden clogs or bedroom slippers,
gold jewellery from the bride's parents or owned by the bride
(sometimes this is only brought over on wedding day).

That's a lottttt right? Zzz...
We didn't follow exactly like what mentioned though..
We just prepared a simple one..

Gold jewellery

Gold jewellery given by the bride's parents or owned by the bride
 is included as part of the bridal dowry.
 Sometimes these are brought over only on the wedding day itself.

Theoretically, the gold jewellery included as part of the bride's dowry 
belongs to the groom's family 
and may be apportioned according to the parent-in-law's wishes.

Hence it is common that a sister of the bride will make sure 
the groom's parents are aware of the riches brought over by the bride.

Chinese prefer pure gold (99.9%/24K)or 916 gold (22K gold). 
Anything below that, such as 18K gold commonly used in fashionable gold jewellery,
is not considered real gold to chinese. 

Some brides will even get gold jewellery sets known as four items of gold 四点金 
as bride dowry from their parents although these are normally given by
the groom's parents to brides as betrothal jewellery.

Source: Here

Dad and mum putting four items of gold on my little sister.

Looks like a behind the scene of jewellery advertisement isn't? LOL

I like her necklace!
Fashionable design! Flowery! =D

The pretties bride I have ever seen!

Papa and her precious baby daughter..

Bride getting nervous!

Commercial break: A picture of me and my attire of the day! =D
Redand gold sleeved dress from MDS!

A family portrait..

A picture with me!
Couldn't really open my eyes as it all happens in the mad early morning!

With the bridesmaid, my cousin.

Bridesmaid; maid of honor at wedding.
(a girl or woman who accompanies a bride on her wedding day.)
(an unmarried woman acting as principal bridesmaid at a wedding.)

Looking great, fresh and pretty!

With bro and little merzy!
This picture gained more than 250 likes on my facebook hohoho!
To me, both of them look Korean-ish in this picture. You think so?

With her friends aka jie mei

Are you ready are you ready? Omg! The groom is finally on his way!

They are ready!
Ready to trick the groom and his brothers!

The groom and his brother came and was tricked by the sisters.
(Video will be uploaded soon!)

According to Chinese tradition,
she needs to have a family dinner before going to the groom's place

It was an extremely awkward meal. Everyone was looking at us..
Haha..I don't ever dare to get those nice looking roasted meat on the other side lol
I only had veggie that was conveniently located in front of me! Hahaha!

And then, here's the sad part!
she have to ask permission with the elderly before leaving the house..
with ahma, papa and mama.. T-T
I cried, we all cried..Haha I totally understand that we'll live extremely near to each other..
But I just can't stand !! T-T

Then she left and went to groom's place!
Pic credit: Lynzbz

Groom's family welcoming them..
Pic credit: Lynzbz

After from the groom's place, she came back home! =D
There you go! You can imagine how happy my dad was!
#ExtremelyBigSmile on his face..Hohoho..

Stay tune for the blogpost on the wedding banquet!


  1. Anonymous11 May, 2012

    Ur little sister is so pretty.

  2. OMG the most beautiful wedding dress i have ever seen ! could see even walk in it???? :)

  3. Yes, it was very tedious but she managed to walk with that dress haha!

  4. lovee weddings and i especially love the red color theme:D

  5. your sister is so pretty! ^^


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