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18 May 2012

Pandudinatalya: Pre- Wedding Photos and Photo Shoot Behind The Scenes Video

Hi Guys! Here's an informal behind the scenes video that I made for them
with my samsung galaxy note and some times blackberry haha!
My note ran out-of-battery half way LOL
Anyway, enjoy!

Some behind the scenes photos..

There you go! Fresh-baked photos;
Do leave some comments ok!
They would love to hear that..

I love her gown! Asymmetrical gown!

I love this concept the most!

They look gorgeous!

Gorgeous gown!

Here's my sister! She looks like celebrity yeah?

Her favorite red colour!

She's glowing!

Again, I love her gown!!!

Nice dress?
We found that from a shop along Orchard rd!

Another beautiful picture!

So someone actually commented and asked if they are Korean celebrity on facebook! huahua!


Looking classic!

Look at how happy they were!

Look at her killer heels!

Remember to leave some comments before leaving okay!


  1. Super like them all! Are the photos taken at sg?

  2. Anonymous14 May, 2012

    I love all of them! Especially the one in white gown!

  3. homg they're so pretty! Your sis looks like a professional model <3

  4. Anonymous15 May, 2012

    Both of them look very Photogenic in those photo...happy marriage to them.. ^^

  5. ur sis is so beautiful and yes she does look like a korean ;) and I wonder which bridal/photography they went to? :D
    nice picture, sweet & love :)

  6. Ren,

    Your sis is super pretty. I like the concept too..
    Wish them a blissful married life!

  7. Anonymous19 May, 2012

    I hate copy-cat !

  8. Hohohoho no worries, Rene & newly-wed, those lame couples won't take such great photos no matter how similar they copy cos they just lack the creativity. Something to be done once in a lifetime but to copy others? Hahahahahahha I can laugh out loud. Shame on you, "creative" people hohoho. As for the bridal shop that "curi kesempatan dalam kesempitan", such thing won't bring you too far. Too bad I'm harsh cos well, truth hurts. Lalala~

  9. Anonymous21 May, 2012

    Omg your sister is not their model..they for your sister and her husband money for their marketing purpose.

  10. Anonymous22 May, 2012

    perfect sho0t,perfect the concept very much ..


Thanks for your lovely comment!