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07 May 2012

The Night Before Pandudinatalya's Wedding

Finally I can squeeze out some times to blog about what I have been doing recently!
So! My sister is now officially Mrs Pramono! Congrats baby!
The night before her wedding, which is two days ago,
my parent invited their friends and also relatives to come over for a sumptuous dinner.
According to Chinese tradition, it's the night where she showcases her Dowry and
for my parent to inform family and friends that their precious daughter is getting married!

What's Dowry?
The bride’s family give her ke-cheng (dowry)--
household items or other things that her parents want to give her.

And here's what she got! =D
Or I should say, here's what we have been hunting over the months!
We went to Toa payoh, Ang mo kio, Serangoon, Chinatown, Orchard, Bugis and load of places!

Hahaha Shopping for Dowry was really FUN stress and tiring! lol
Thats's a lot, isn't it?!

Total of 8 pairs of new shoes!

Mostly the basket contains of skincare and make up product!

Her Bobby Brown Collection

Dressed-up bride!
Btw, I forced her to buy that dress. Nice right?
Mum said it was too short so we didn't get it..
Days after, we visited the shop again and there you go!
The shop owner made some changes to it..
Longer and puffier!

My sister and her dowry in her room! ultra red right? Zzz..

I love her =)

A picture with two early birds!
Hohoho they reached at about 6-7pm?

More gifts;

In the middle of busy-ness, she posed for a picture =D

Louis.V, Guess, C&K, etc..

A lot of people says that she lookslike think so?

A picture with her personal photographer! =D

A picture with friends

College friends


Posing like a celebrity! =D
I am so happy for her!

She was very happy too and stress I think..

Bf gave her a Louis.V Epi leather cosmetic cases in red! Her favorite colour!

Mission Impossible Discussion..
Haha..They were discussing about how to trick the groom and his troops of brother..

A picture of these two cutie pie for you!

The party ends at about 1am..
They shifted the dowry to the groom's place at about 1.30am..
Time to clear the mess..
The buffet section on the second floor was very very messy! Zzz..

Last but not least, to end the night, she needs to bring two eggs into the bathroom.
Eat one and the other one breaks it into half. the bathroom!
Hahaha I guess it represents fertility or sort of..
In case you don't know, our family is Christian and they are Buddhist.
Our parent and their parent are okay on this.
We do ours, we pray for them and vice versa.
What we've been doing is not religion related.
Instead, we follow the Chinese tradition. Tradition and religion are two different things.
You respect your ancestor, you follow the tradition.
Anyway, some times I am confused though..
I don't really believe in such things..
Without these tradition, people still get married and live happily ever after..
What do you think? Any opinion on this? =)

Anyway, all the best for Ina natalya Tan and Pandudinata Pramono.
Ps: Pandu you have to take care of my one and only sister okay!
Do not let her carry any heavy stuff!
Feed her! She's too thin! Muahaha..!
Maintain her beauty! Bring her to spa regularly! =P
Do not ignore or scream at her. No one dares to in our family.
(Well, except mum, some times! Haha she screams because she love her)
But for your case, never! =P
Care and sayang her with kisses and hugs.. Fulfill her request like my dad do!
Last but not least, love her more than we do!

To my sister:
Do whatever you want to pandu! Hahaha kidding!
You have to take care of yourself okay!

No one is going to be there to remind you to take your bath early
and come back home early anymore. (except maybe his mum?) good luck! =P
Do come back often to visit dad mum and merzy..
If there's good food there, bring some for me. =P
You task is not done yet! We have to care and annoy our bro till he gets married.
Be a good housewife and some times tai tai..
Don't forget to invite mama and I for a high tea session - wor! haha!
Lastly, do chat with papa on bbm ok?
He knocked my door and said this to me "Cece, wo bu jien le yi ke nu er ley..ce me pan?"
three times last night..muahaha!
I said "Go and get her back lo.." He replied " Can I?" Zzz..
That's still okay..He asked merzy "Merzy, cece ne? cece has moved.." hundred times!
Hahaha I bet Merzy was annoyed Hahaha!

Alright! That's all of my blog post today!
I can't wait to share more with you..but I am lazy Zzz..
Stay tune! Thousands of photo in my camera is still waiting for me!
I will try my best to explore them soon!

All the best!
Btw, do tweet with hashtag #pandudinatalya if you want to send some greetings to them.


  1. rene, this is so sweet! aina is so pretty!
    wish her have a blissful marriage and happily ever after =]
    Then, when is ur turn rene? :D

  2. Congrats to ur one and only sister! Bet you're so tired of people asking "when's ur turn?" hahaha! Sabar yaaahh, Rene, eventho I don't know you in real life, but ur blog has been a place I keep visiting over and over again and I keep checking my blogger home page to see any updates hahahha. See the kaypoh side of me :p
    Anywaaay, just wanna say, your dad is soooo cute! Bet he's both sad and happy for your sister's marriage. He just can't bear to let ur sister go hahaha. Well, afterall, all dads in the world are like that. Their kids are their most precious babies. Hehehhe. Update more, Rene! Nonetheless, enjoy ur time back at pampering hometown! Truly, I love reading ur blog hhehehe. Keep it up :) and again, congratulation for the newly-wed couple! Hope you guys can have baby soon and have a long lasting marriage life til death do u guys apart :)

  3. Anonymous07 May, 2012

    Like it..... ;-)

  4. Anonymous08 May, 2012

    Hi, it's my second time visiting ur blog. Can I know how old are u and how old is ur sister who are just getting married?

  5. Anonymous08 May, 2012

    Rene, i'm waiting for your next update.... :)


  6. wow i didn't know dowry is like this! I thought tradition only gives those gold jewellry etc...

  7. OMG!! i understand how your dad feel, i want to cry now...

  8. Hehehe update will be up soon.. @cat yah! I also just learnt about dowry hihihi.. @shelly ya right! I also want to cry thinking about how dad feels! =(

  9. Anonymous11 May, 2012

    Your sis look very pretty like you too :) love her flowers dress also...
    Can i ask where she did her eyebrows embroidery?


  10. She didn't embroid her eyebrow hoho

  11. Anonymous04 June, 2012

    Ha ha ha

  12. Anonymous17 June, 2012

    Hi dear , may I know whr did ur sis bought the tosca heels?
    Thank you ;)


Thanks for your lovely comment!