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14 May 2012

Mother Day 2012

Before I start, here's my attire of the day!
Say yay to flora print high waist short! I love it so much!

I got it from a random shop at Far East Plaza!
Sis bought one in blue too!
The print and colour is interesting and lovely!
Best of all, I think I look slimmer in it yay!

Some accessories that I decided to put on!
Look at my Marc By Marc Jacobs Hinge Bangle!
Bf bought that for me years ago when he went to Jakarta.
The price was Rp 1.200.000 I knew! it sounds ultra expensive because of the zero.
Haha it's actually costs about less than SGD 200.
To me, it is quite pricey! Because, my gladiator H&M sunglasses costs only SGD 7.90 !! =P
What a steal!

With my new bag sponsored by past advertiser

So, it was mother day! =D
I had a total of 4 mother day reunion dinner this year..
Here's a bouquet of red carnation from sis and her husband for our mama!

Mum love Mayflower cake!

Here's a cake designed and ordered by me!

A very cute animated family photo that I did #wohoo!
Welcome to our family, Pandu!

A gorgeous bag that they bought for mum!

A picture of the cake and its designer haha!

Lovely mama!

Taro cake! It was yummy!!! =D
The cake was softer than sponge!
The massive amount of cream was surprisingly nice! 
It was very light and sweetness was just nice!

We went to the Church in the morning..

then we went to ahma place afterward!

Mummy and her lovely mummy, my grandma!

After that, we went to Barelang (A tourist attraction area in Batam) for lunch!
It was my first time there and the food was great! I love it!
A picture of me and my sis yay! same high waist short!

Last but not least, a picture of my parent and the newly weds couple!

We had a fruitful mother day celebration this year! =)

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  1. Anonymous15 May, 2012

    I'm confused... Do u live in sg or indo? U stay alone or with your family? Saw your previous post, u have a nice decorated room.... Is it in indo?


Thanks for your lovely comment!