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29 May 2012

Featured: Heroine Make's Princess Ball Blogger's Event

Hey Hey! Surprise! How about a picture of me without eye make up?
Haha! I look extremely pale and dead! lol
This picture was taken last Saturday in a cab at about 1.15pm?
I hate the fact that I am always late to event and end up traveling by cab! *expensive*

I only spent less than 3 minutes on my make up that day!
Haha no need to draw eyeliner, apply mascara, eyeshadow and etc.

 I was invited to attend the Heroine Make Princess Ball Blogger's Event by Mandom Singapore!
I love attending Mandom's event because all of their staffs are ultra friendly and funny.
Best of all, their events are always well-prepared and organized!

Upon entering the venue, I spotted princess Heroine and her cat! 
She's so beautiful and perfect!
Big dolly eyes, V shape face, fair smooth skin and best of all she's friendly (haha!)
 I love her dress!

I was one of the second batch of bloggers.
There were two sessions of event that day.
One in the morning and one in the afternoon.
Luckily I was invited to the one in the afternoon! =P

Before I start to put on some make up, my eyes were measured!
Here's my measurement card!
1.3cm x 2.3cm!

I was so excited when I saw these products on the table.
Look at its gorgeous and pretty packaging!
Japanese make up product always have cute and unique packaging!

Here's the beautiful princess and its awesome product!

 Are you ready for the makeover?

The first product I applied was the double eyelid tape!
It was amazingly easy to apply.
It comes with a tool (something like a stick in pink colour) 
to pick up the double eye lid tape.
The light pink case on the back is a box, for you to store your eyelid tape!
So thoughtful right!
The only thing that I thought it can be improved is the width of the tape.
It is a little bit too thin.

Heroin Make Proof Eye Tape (S$ 16.90)

Next, I applied Heroine Make smooth liquid liner (S$18.90) !
The colour is very dark and pigmented.
It dries up quite fast as well. 

Move on, here's their new products!
Heroine Make Volume &Curl Mascara (S$21.90) )and
Heroine Make  Long & Curl Mascara (s$21.90) !

What's new? Improved formula!
Heroine Make is my absolute one of my favourite mascara!
Their newer improved version promise to give you 120% length 
compared to their previous mascaras.

A new formula with 1.5 times the "super long up" fiber. 
By fitting each tip of your eyelashes, the more coats you add 
the longer your lashes will become.

Individually separates your lashes, leaving you with 
beautiful glossy lashes without clumping.

Mixed with a "curl set" polymer to give you lashes that curl upwards 
and will last for long periods.

Excellent durability against tears, sweat, water and oil.
Contains Chamomile Extract as a moisture component and Tsubaki Oil as an emollient.

I love their new packaging!
Pink, lace and rose!
This is so princess!

Next item,
Kiss Me Heroine Make New Impact Frame & Curl Mascara (S$23.90)

It is the most black and glossy formula ever.
It enables even application and no cake is resulted even if multiple layers are applied. 
Highly resilient styling wax supports and curls up lashes. 
The special-designed brush soaks a great amount of fiber, making lashes richer. 
Eye-catching black color performs larger and sharper eyes.

I swear, this is the thickest and blackest mascara that I have ever used.
I was totally shocked and surprised when I apply the first layer.
I was talking to YiJing "Babe, look at my eyelashes!"
Her respond was "OhMyGod! Your lashes is so long! Can I take a picture of it?"
Haha seriously, I was shocked!

 Heroine Make Smooth Cover powder was provided for use to try too!

Heroine Make Mascara Remover (S$14.90)!
An innovative product that I thought it is creative!
However, when I think twice, I wonder if this product really works.
I will try this and review it on my blog real soon!

We are professional blogger =D

 Ready to witness the changes?

 After Eyes make up VS Before eyes make up.

Here's a picture of me with a nice looking castle+garden on my back!
I swear I had this urge to ask if I can bring the banner, the princess and the cat home!
These are too pretty!

Light snack came in pretty box!
Everything is so extremely pretty!

Can you spot the Heroine Logo on the cupcakes? =D

Which outfit is nice? =D
I like the one on the right! That pink one!

They even customized a bracelet with my initial "I" on it! =D

Do look for Heroine Make product stand or the Japanese Make Up corner
when you shop around Watsons!

A group picture with all of the awesome bloggers.

As usual, generous goodies for me to bring home and try!

Last but not least,
Like Heroine Make on facebook!!!!

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