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21 May 2012

Advertorial: AFC Green Beauty Review

Again, in case you don't know! =D
I am Indonesian that has been living in Singapore for about 5 years as per today.
Living away from parent is not really that fun! Trust me!

Meal is the worst problem I encountered!
If you are my twitter follower (follow me? @ReneOct), you should know that,
I am a big McDonald's fan!! I love McDonald's and sometimes KFC =P
Every time they launch a new menu, I will be the first one to order it!
Eating junk food is like eating rubbish. But rubbish is nice =X haha!

Second problem, I experience a lot of sleepless night! sleeping disorder!
Haha I feel like an owl or corpse, seriously!
I always sleep extremely late or should I say morning?
and when I wake up, it's not afternoon and it's not evening too..
It's somewhere in between LOL

Last but not least, stress! Especially during the exam month!
Gosh! I cannot fail! If I fail, it means more $ will be spent!
I have to extend my accommodation in Singapore, more meal, transportation, misc fee. 
It's a nightmare that I never dare to think about!
My parent was prepared for it though haha they are aware that their daughter is not a genius lol.
BUT I have high expectation for myself. The word "Fail" is highly prohibited from my dictionary!
Thanks God! I passed all of my subjects and in fact, I have graduated! #yay
Round of applause for me please haha! It was a miracle and I was lucky *wink

Fat. Tired. Stress. Junk food.
In short, I am not healthy! =(

Today I am going to share with you this new product that AFC sent me.

Green Beauty!

Rid Your Daily Toxins for Clearer Skin!
Your skin mirrors the effects of your diet and lifestyle.
Blemished, lacklusture, aging, rough and sallow complexions are often the results of unhealthy living habits.
Toxins are accumulated in our body from the food we eat, pollutants from the air, 
together with UV exposure, lack of exercise, stress and insufficient sleep, 
our body is constantly challenged to re-balance itself in order to maintain a healthy, youthful state

Good detoxification restores glow and radiance to your skin and revitalizes the body. 
AFC Green Beauty boosts your body's daily cleansing by enhancing your body's natural detoxifying process, 
clear unwanted wastes and supply essenial nutrients back to your skin for the perfect complexion.  

Dual Action Detox and Nourish for Healthy Glowing Skin.

AFC Green Beauty has the combined power of Natural Detoxifying Greens and 
Highly Absorbable Micro-Collagen Peptides to work directly on your skin and body. 
A superb blend of Organic Barley Grass, Kale and Shizuoka Green Tea, 
AFC Green Beauty cleanses and alkalinizes the body naturally to restore its healthy balance. 
AFC Green Beauty rids body toxins so that the cleansed body is able to absorb 
the 2,500mg Micro-Collagen Peptides and other nutrients for optimal cell and skin rejuvenation.

Unique & Powerful Two-Step System
Step 1: Cleanse and Alkalinize your Body Step 2: Repair and Nourish your Skin

Daily dose of AFC Green Beauty gives stressed, aging and unhealthy skin a new lease of life.
Suitable for all ages, AFC Green Beauty works best for those seeking to beautify their skin naturally. 
Highly recommended for those with imbalanced diets and those who feel lethargic easily. 

Promotes cellular repair and skin renewal to improve blemished and sallow complexions.
 Stimulates collagen production to improve skin firmness, clarity and hydration.
Alkalinizes acidic body pH and aids removal of acidic wastes for improved vitality.
Protection from free radicals and anti-aging effects.

AFC Green Beauty uses unique ultrafine blending method in Japan to micronize 
the formula for better solubility and absorption.
 This exclusive technology retains the most nutrients in 
AFC Green Beauty and enhances the texture and taste. 
Unlike regular green juice powder, Green Beauty is the ideal beauty beverage that 
blends well with water, soy milk, milk and yoghurt.
Dissolvability comparison between AFC Green Beauty and other brand of green juice: 
Unlike other green juice, Green Beauty dissolves fully in water, 
and does not separate even after leaving it to stand for 10 minutes.

AFC Beauty            Other Brand 

Contents: 5g x 30 sachets
How to take? 
Daily Dose: 1 sachet  Intensive Dose: 1 sachet, two times daily (morning and night) 
May be mixed into hot or cold water, or added to milk, soy milk, ice cream or yoghurt
My Review:
It is like a product specially designed for me,
it's suitable for someone with stressful lifestyle and less than ideal eating habits.
The product came just in time. Because, I've just decided to be a healthier person! =D
AFC Green Beauty helps in supporting detoxification by boosting body’s natural detoxifying process,
clearing wastes & supply nutrients needed by the skin and body.
In short, it restores (or format) and upgrade your body! =D 
It comes in powder form and taste like thick green tea.
The sweetness is just nice and the taste is acceptable.
I tried such product by other brand before and it was horrible.
But AFC Green Beauty taste just like normal tea except that it's creamier.
I have started taking AFC Beauty since last week.
I did notice some improvements on my complexion however, not very obvious.
I think it needs time as I only had 7 sachets of it as per today.

The last and the most important issue that I want to point out is that,
I think I am healthier now because, before this, I always have constipation problem.
It's very annoying! As you know, I have a plump body!
I eat a lot but it doesn't digest as it should be! and my body remains plump =(
After having AFC green beauty for about a week, I experience a significant changes in my bowel habits!
And I can happily share with you that I have lost some weight too (about a kg or 2, depends)
Overall, I am satisfied with the result and would consider to repurchase it.
I would recommend this product to my friends and family that has stressful lifestyle like me.

AFC Green Beauty will be available exclusively at Watsons from 17 May 2012 onwards
at the price of S$64.90 per box (Each box contains 30 sachets).
Check out their website HERE and Happy Trying!

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