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09 April 2012

Sponsored: Triump Inspiration Award Singapore 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen! Today's post is published specially for you, as usual! =P
I was invited to attend the Triumph Inspiration Award last week.

Yours truly,

The event was held at Play Den @ The Arts House.
1 Old Parliament Lane

About Triump Inspiration Award
 TIA is an annual competition that challenges design students around the globe 
to create an inspiring lingerie showpiece.

This year's theme;

Dragons and Butterflies

Dragons and Butterflies are not only quintessential Chinese symbols,
but also act as opposing elements
These striking opposites have the potential to express the exciting encounter of East Asian 
and oriental culture meeting the West.

Snarling in the face of 2012 and breathing fire across the months is the dragon, 
claiming this year as his own. 
2012 is the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese calendar and we too, 
are joining in with Chinese tradition to celebrate the TIA in the year of the dragon.

The dragon is a symbol of the power of the Chinese Emperor
and is an essential part of Chinese culture. 
In China the dragon symbolizes wealth, but above all, 
it stands for luck, kindness and intelligence.
This is why it holds a special place in the hearts of the Chinese.

The Chinese butterfly is in complete contrast to this. 
It represents love and is a playful and tender being. 
The symbolic significance of the butterfly stretches back to ancient times. 
For example, Liang Zhu is a famous Chinese folk legend and love-story
where the lovers turn into a pair of coloured butterflies 
and fly forever side by side in a rainbow-coloured sky.
This emotional story embodies the sensitive side of the Chinese culture.

The theme Dragons and Butterflies provides an exciting array of extremes 
and opposites which can be incorporated into a strikingly creative design piece. 

If you are interested to view all of the pieces designed by students in Singapore visit this

This piece is so interesting!
Sexy corset filled with ruby red diamante.

After about almost 30mins of waiting, the show finally starts!

Here are the judges;

The contestants from;
Raffles Design Institute
Temasek Polytechnic

This is the first piece showcased at the fashion show!

This design called the punkcelain wow-ed us!
The designer was confident in answering all of the questions asked by the judges too.

Here's another piece that wow-ed me

I noticed that the contestants were mostly Indonesian, Chinese from China, Indian and etc..
Not so much local.

I was inspired by the fashion show.
I did have this sudden urge to pick up a design course! =D
Unfortunately, I am getting older and older!
Time to earn not spend! lol

After the fashion show ended, we took a rest
and had some refreshment while waiting for the judges to pick up the winners
Btw, I met Fidelis, Christy and Peggy at the event!
Luckily I wasn't alone =D

The winner is....
Mr Josiah Chua, 24, the designer of “Punkcelain”

Pic source: link

All I want to say is "He deserved it"
As you can see, he put loads of hard work in this piece of lingerie.
He even bleached the jeans, so that he can get the right textile for his design.
In addition, if you look into the detail, his design is actually very creative.
He used those Traditional Chinese paper-cutting as the stencil 
to create that unique print on the lingerie.

He will be representing Singapore to compete in the International Final in Shangha.


Media Release

Press Kit
I was presented with a gift inspired by the year of dragon.

Gold colour dragon bangles!
It looks good on me! and I love it! =D

For more information, visit Triumph Singapore Facebook page here.

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