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12 April 2012

Sponsored: Facial Teatment at JeanYip Loft

Weeks ago I was contacted by Jean Yip
and was invited for a complimentary treatment.

Actually I was invited to the opening ceremony of Jean Yip Loft too!
However, I wasn't able to make it, unfortunately.
Jean Yip Loft is preeeeetttyyy!!!

Look at the flower arrangement! *SoNice*

While waiting for my therapist to attend to me, I camwhore lol!
I went down to Jean Yip after from The Triumph Inspiration Award.
It's located not too far from both Outram Park or Chinatown MRT.

Watch this video!

Ps: Btw, Mervin wee was the one who did my hair for the
Jean Yip Super Shine contest months ago! =D
What an honour!

Jean Yip Loft is an iconic 7 Storey building centrally located in the city,
less than 30 meters away from Outram MRT Station.

The first of its kind in Singapore,
Jean Yip Loft is a unique lifestyle concept,
offering a host of beauty and wellness services such as hairdressing,
facial, massage, spa, nail services for both men and women.

Have a taste of exquisiteness.

An exceptional lifestyle and living beckons..
For more information visit:

After filling up all of the necessary forms, I was directed to the fifth floor!
I was asked to choose between facial treatment or body massage.
I decided to go for its facial treatment simply because I need it!

Jean Yip Beauty R6 Skin Revolution Customized Face Treatment (up to $288)


UV radiations, emotional stress, aging process and pollution -
your skin is under attack every minute of the day.
Though you may not be able to see your skin’s enemies,
you can definitely see the damage.

Now, it’s time to fight back with R6 Skin Revolution.
R6 Skin Revolution combines the power of the most advance
skincare technology & state-of-the art equipment to defend against skin damages.
Utilizing the most advanced Transdermal Administrative System (TAS),
R6 Skin Revolution fights against skin damages by customizing
unique solutions that solve your different skin problems & concerns.
Our Beauty Therapists will pamper you with
their gentle touch ensuring that you have a memorable experience with us.

Facial Care
Our facial treatments provide gentle skin scrub,
deep pore cleansing, relaxing face and shoulder massage,
therapeutic ampoules and masks to suit your skin type:

Hydrating and Skin Revitalizing Facial
Purifying and Skin Detox Facial,
Pure Collagen Facial,
Multi - Vitamin Skin Booster Facial,
PEARL WHITE Face Whitening,
Protein Lift Facial

Here's my face after the pampering session! =D
The mask was very soothing and moisturizing.
It reduces the redness after the extraction and my skin feels smooth and soft!
My eyebrows were trimmed by my therapist too!

The pampering session ends with a bowl of yummy dessert and ginger tea!
How I wish I can be a tai tai and do such treatment everyday! =P
Today do facial, tomorrow massage, day after tomorrow slimming..
bla bla bla... *wakeup!* =P

Have a great great day readers!


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  4. thankyou!


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