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14 April 2012

My Life: Busy for Sister's Wedding, Custom-made My Gown, To Stay in Singapore or go back to Indonesia?

I am in Indonesia now! Enjoying my princess life!
Going back to Singapore tomorrow as I need to attend Crocs event at Vivo City.
I went to Ace Hardware at Nagoya Hill Mall with my family just now.

Anyway, life has been really good and stress (or..maybe not)
Hahaha Yes! I was planning to go back to Indonesia for good
as I want to start up my own business! =D (Sounds easy and exciting)
But now, there's some changes as for some reasons, he needs to stay in Singapore.
If it really happens then,
I might consider to work in Singapore for couple of years before going back to Indonesia.
For him! See! I am a good girlfriend. =P Hahaha!
On the other hand, my dad wants me to go back as he needs my help. 
I am confused.

That's the reason why my answer for now is "Not sure"
I can only decide whether to stay in Singapore or going back to Indonesia by this month.
Which means, I still have a month to spend in Singapore!!!

Btw, what I have been doing recently?
BUSY! My younger sister is getting married in May!

 Which is just weeks away!!! She loves red colour and so.......
All of us will be wearing red gown to her wedding- For her!
See! We love her! =P
I have to customize my gown! Reason is simple. My size is special size.

Yes!! Asymmetrical gown!
Actually I have been in love with such gown since months agooooo!!
And I was afraid that by the time I wear it in May,
it would have been trending for some times already!
and I was right T-T it's everywhere now..
Anyway! I will still wear it! as it looks kind of formal as 
it's a maxi dress from the back but not really formal too as 
it's pretty basic (looks like short dress) from the front.
Mum will custom-made her gown too!
The price of her gown is nearly a thousand of dollar *faint*.
Reason is simple, we bought high quality fabric and it has a lot of detail on her dress.
Everything is hand-made.
We choosed and bought the textile ourself from arab street 
and hand it over to a local designer to do it for us.
I can't wait to see the outcome !!!

Meanwhile, stay tune for Xquisis advertorial on Monday! =D
I ops! well, I should say we! we were sponsored with 4 pairs of heels!!
A pair for mum, a pair for sis and two pairs for me!
I can't wait to share the pictures of gorgeous heels with you guys!!

I miss Gucci!


  1. ur so adventourous i love it

  2. Stay. I will miss you.

  3. Advise you to stay in Sg,better with him,its for you future dear....

  4. Thanks for your suggestion babe =)


Thanks for your lovely comment!