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02 April 2012

Medan: is all about food!

Have you read my previous blog posts about medan?
Check out these posts;

On my last trip to Medan, I gained loads of weight! LOL
Medan is place that's full of food! Just like any other part of Indonesia.
To me, Indonesia is a food paradise!

I didn't have the chance to explore Medan on my very first trip there.
So I told him that I have to make my second trip a worthy trip!
This post is packed with food! You have been warned!
Scroll at your own risk. =P

Remember my trip to Brastagi?
We dropped by this restaurant called Rumah Sehati for lunch before going further up the hill.

They served nasi padang syle of food!
Food will be wide-spreaded on you table like what shown above.
You only pay for what you eat.

We had Babi Hutan Guling on our way back home. *Sorry no picture* lol

We visited Sun Plaza, Medan's biggest shopping mall twice or trice during the trip.
I can't remember. Haha forgive me it happens last year..

Nelayan Dim Sum and Noodle Tea House seems quite popular among the local.

The restaurant was packed with customers even during non-peak hour.

We had a sumptuous dim sum high tea that afternoon.

We ordered both fried and steamed dim sum.

Everything taste good! =D
We had 2 rounds of dim sum that day!
Maximum Fatness!

Just Terong Belanda (Tamarillo Juice)

Now, here's the dessert of the day!
Pancake Durian or in english, Durian Pancake.

Basically it's Durian wrapped in a very thin flour skin and cream.
It costs about Rp 70.000 per plate! About S$10
and it tastes awesomely good!

Thailand style of dim sum.
Tako Thailand

Me! =D

Bihun Bebek!
Duck beehoon..Looks plain but tasteful!

We bought loads of durian home!
Cheap and good!

Durian Paradise!

Next up! Soto Medan !!!
Medan is well-known of its Soto Medan of course!

After asking around, we decided to go to Sinar Pagi Restaurant for its soto!

As expected, the soto was good! =D
I prefer the gravy to be a lil bit thick though..

Tong's SoyaMilk and Beancurd

We went there for light snacks.

Why is SoyaMilk good for us?

=D Fried tofu and beancurd!

Chendol soya and fried banana with cheese!

Watch this video!

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