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20 April 2012

D.I.Y Mirror Heels - Easy, Cheap and Shiny!

The Mirror Heels! =D
It was inspired by some youtube videos that I watched recently.
After watching those videos, my hand went itchy!
I just have to make one for myself! Hehe

In fact, it's very easy to do as well! What you need are;
A pair of heels! In this case, the red heels shown in this blog post belong to my sister.
(It would be better if the colour of the heel is black or white.)
Some glues, I prefer UHU more than the super glue.
Last but not least the mirror! =D Notice those two mirrors above?
Those are anna sui inspired mirror I bought from HongKong.
I crashed them for the heels.
It's also because I want to turn them into a photo frame
instead of using them as a mirror. My room has a lot of mirror already.

You need to be extra careful when handling those crashed pieces of mirror.
However, the challenging part is not the crashing part.
It's the puzzling part! You have to paste the right size of mirror to the heels.
In addition, it's very very hard to paste it on the part that is curvy.

I was planning to wear the heels to my sister's wedding.
However, unfortunately, cannot!
It's not auspicious. Think of the word smash, crash, break! LOL

How it looks like when you're outdoor!

Extremely shiny and gorgeous isn't?

Question: Will the guys see what's under my skirt?
The answer is no. Because, the mirrors are uneven and are in small pieces.

I personally think that this beautiful heel is still not perfect yet.
As you can see, there's still some gaps between the mirror.
However, you can hardly see the gaps from far though..
Tips: It would looks better if you use black or white heels.

You need small pieces of mirror for the heel on the back
and also for the front as they are curvy!
It's quite easy to paste the side of the heels.

I think everyone love limited item and wish to have something that's different with others.
D.I.Y is the key.
You don't need to spend a huge amount of money to buy expensive things.
*even expensive things are very common.
Just count how many people is using LV in Orchard road.

Do something special to your normal item.
Turn your normal item to something special like this! =D

Do you like this idea?
I can't wait to D.I.Y my other heels and turn them into a special pair!
Stay tune!

Watch my video?


  1. Mad love! Gonna try one next time :D

  2. will the glass drop and hurt ourselves.. hahaha... i am worrying since the first picture, lol!!

  3. @Shelly Yes my mum was worried as well. However, so far the heels are quite safe to wear. As you can see I don't really paste in on the inner side of the heels as that is the part where it might hurts our legs. =)

  4. Very pretty heels! You're so creative!

  5. Woww verty creative but dangerous during made it..
    Love ur idea

  6. I realy like it... i decide to make also but i will use black heels... i just wondering when i wear n walk in heel will mirror fall ??? do i need to use more glue? tnx


Thanks for your lovely comment!