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16 April 2012

Advertorial: - Ladies' Favorite!

Alright guys! I am so so so excited today!
Yes! It's Xquisis time! again!
This is my..3rd time? doing advertorial for them.
What an honour!

This time round I received a total of 4 pairs of gorgeous heels from them!

Good things must share!
And yes! I shared the goodies with my lovely mummy and my  sister!

Lets start with this beautiful heels of mine!

Lace Peeptoe Platform Heels[H0190] - Black size 37 - $32.90

Material: Satin, Lace
Heel: 11cm
Platform: 3cm 

It's 11cm tall but trust me! It's very comfortable to walk with it.
Reason is simple. The platform in front is 3cm!
You won't feels like you're walking on tiptoe.

Moreover, look at the interesting design!
I've seen many lace heels in the market.
But this one is really unique as the base colour is in metalic silver and it shines!

Next up!

Louboutin Inspired Faux Reptile Peeptoe Slingback Heels - Black size 35 - $34.90

Material: Faux Reptile Patent
Height: 10.5cm
Platform: 2cm

It's mum's!! and she loves it!
She has been wearing it recently.
I personally love its reptile texture.
Simple and classic! It's comfotable to walk it of course!
I think it looks sexy on mum!

Camera-shy mummy posing like a model in front of dad's office LOL 

Move on, again, mine! =P

Premium Back Dollie Nude Stiletto Heels[CC18] - Nude  size 37 - $42.90

Material: Patent
Height: 12.5cm
Platform: 4cm

Againnnn!! Another interesting pair of heels!
I love how the design on the back makes this pair of heels look sweet and cute.
Nude colour has been trending in this recent years and
 it's always good to pop up a boring heels with some details on it.
The red colour base makes this heels look classy too! =)

Ps: I have not remove the protector on the base.

Last but not least...

Look at this amazing heels!
It's Jimmy Choo Inspired! nude suede mesh heels encrusted with crystal!

Premium Jimmy Choo Inspired Princess Edition Platform Heels[P0004] - Nude size 36 - $44.90

Material: Suede, Mesh 

It shines brightly and really looks nice in real life!
Even mummy is jealous! She's planning to get one for herself too!
Simply because it's really beautiful and extremely comfortable to walk in!
Easy to wear to! Just zip and go!
My sister wore this heels for her pre-wedding shoot too!
*picture will be revealed soon*

As seen on Ma Hye-Ri (Kim So Yeon's character) - Prosecutor Princess Drama!
the Jimmy Choo Quinze embellished heels are also well-loved by the 
Hollywood celebrities - (L-R) Diane Kruger, Heidi Klum, Elizabeth Banks, J Lo

 As seen on celebrities and blogger's sister..

Muahaha! Yes! That's my sister!
I know I look weird with shades when I am indoor! =P

We love Xquisis!!
The delivery was on time! Pre-order take about 2-3 weeks only.
The owner is very attentive and friendly too.
For size matter, you can consult it with the owner.
She will be more than happy to assist you!
Some heels have tight or loose cutting. She will give you the best suggestion!
Best of all, the design of the heels are all very unique and rare! - As shown above!
That's the reason why I love to work with them!
We had hard time choosing our heels simply because,
all of the heels are pretty! It was very hard to choose just four! =P
Have I mentioned that they have hundreds of shoes for you to choose from!

I am sure you'll find the best one for yourself here..

please include use code ''IROCT'' upon check out to enjoy 8% off purchase
exclusive for my readers only! =)


  1. wonderful shoes. they are to die for. amazing.
    kisses and a wonderful day.
    maren anita

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