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08 March 2012

What I Wrote on His New iPad (Not iPad 3) ! =P

I helped him to pre-order the New iPad from apple store this morning and...
He said, I can write anything I want on the back of his new iPad
and this is what I wrote... =P

I hope he's not reading this hahaha!!

The new iPad will be delivered to us between 16 - 22 March 2012

What's new on the new iPad or what people called the iPad 3?

Retina Display - Better Picture,

5MP iSight Camera,

iLife and iWork for iPan,

Ultrafast Wireless. It's 4G!

Haha I randomly found this picture lol

Singapore Price:

Wi-Fi Only
Connects to the Internet over Wi-Fi networks.

16GB S$ 658.00
32GB S$ 788.00
64GBS$ 918.00

Wi-Fi + 4G
Connects to the Internet over Wi-Fi and 4G cellular data networks.
Contact a cellular data service provider to sign up for a simple,
month-to-month plan right on your iPad and cancel anytime without penalty.

16GB S$ 828.00
32GB S$ 958.00
64GB S$ 1,088.00

Release date: 16 March 2012

I hope this is useful for you.
Have a great day!


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