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24 March 2012

Sponsored: Tsubaki Head Spa Launch. Botak Jones. Gong Cha and My Life!

I attended Tsubaki Head Spa Launch just now!
I was shamefully late! Haha I thought the event will ends at about 9pm.
I cabbed down to Orchard and reached at about 8pm, guess what?
By the time I stepped into the Shiseido office, the event has almost ended!
#omg Imagine how guilty I was! so #embarrassing Hahaha..

Luckily I still get to mingle around with some blogger friends for a while..
I was sharing a table with 2 Xinyis (haha), Vivian and Wendy from mfp!
Good news! I made another 2 new friends yesterday!
That's the reason why I love being a blogger!
I get to attend awesome launch event and meet awesome people!
Before I start, look at my recent nail art! I called this the belle nail !

It matches my attire of the day!
I bought that belle-ish dress from polkadotpig!

A picture with my new friend Xin yi (above)

About Tsubaki

Tsubaki, Camellia in Japanese; the strength and sign of Japanese beauty
Mission: Tsubaki helps women to achieve beautiful shinier hair from roots to tips.

Their product contain ingredient such as;
High Purity Tsubaki Oil Extract and Shine Sensor Mechanism
making hair glossy and shiny down to the ends.

Current product they offer in Singapore are;
The Shining Line – Red Series
The Damaged Care Line – White Series

And this time round, they bring in the Head Spa vitality series in gold!

Free your mind and body by experiencing scents like a luxury spa filled with natural energy.

Shiseido Tsubaki Head Spa;
Conditioner ($19.90), Shampoo ($19.90), Extra Cleansing ($15.90), Hair Mask ($22.90)

Head spa line cultivates beautiful, shiny hair from the scalp, leading to a healthy and moisturized scalp through a combination of natural essential oils - the essentials for beautiful shiny hair.

Natural essential oils are highly selected and contains nourishing luxurious ingredients and for scalp activation and graceful hair.

- Formulated for scalp detox, blood circulation and moisturising effect
using sage, rosemary, ginger and shea butter
-Formulated for mositurising and shining hair using High-purity Tsubaki Oil EX
-Head Spa's fine-textured foam penetrates the nutrients deep into hair and scalp which removes build-up and residue. It creates graceful hair and keeps it shining from root to tip.

Yay! We were sponsored with goodies for review!

My Review:
I tried the shampoo right after coming back from the event!
I love the fact that the product cares not only my hair but also my scalp!
I am very fussy when it comes to shampoo!
Very often, the shampoo that I use makes my hair looks oily and sticky!
To my surprise, even though Tsubaki product promise to give glossy hair,
it doesn't leave any sticky and oily residues at all!
Conversely, it cleans my scalp thoroughly and leave nice fragrance after usage.
In short, this product gives me refreshing and relaxing feeling!
I would definitively repurchase this product!

After from the event, I bought some dinner home!
I cabbed all the way down to Orchard from Clementi!
I need to make my trip, a worthy trip! =P

I bought some food from Botak Jones located in front of Cineleisure!
They are popular with their giant burger!
However, instead of burger, I ordered a ribeye steak and cajun chicken!
The price of the food is amazingly affordable!
Total for both set was about $37 only!

While waiting for my food, I went across the road.
Reason? I want to buy Gong Cha (located near to scape) and result?
I bought 2 dresses on the way! - before I reach Gong Cha! Haha
In case you don't know, every weekend, scape has this flee market thingy and..
there are loads of awesome products with awesome price!
Very tempting! You should check'em out!

Bought two Earl Grey Milk Tea with 3Js
(3Js means 3 type of jellies; Pudding, Herbal and Pearl)
Collected my food and cab home safely! =D

My life has been really good! and a lil bit stress because,
I am moving back to Indonesia end of this month! which is just next week!
A lot of things that I need to move back! Including my dog, Mr Gucci!
Yes for good! I am planning to start up a business instead of working in Singapore =)
I have spent quarter of my life in Singapore!
It has been almost 5 years! Kind of sad and at the same time happy!
Yay! I am going to do a video about Singapore before I leave!
Stay tune for that! Have a great day readers!

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