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14 March 2012

Sponsored: Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat - Create a unique crackle effect on each of your nails!

Another goodies from Sally Hansen!

Click here to read about the Sally Hansen Salon Effect - You have to see this!

Today I am going to share with you about The Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat!

Just like the name of the product, this nail polish is an overcoat -

apply this on top of any nail polish and witness the magic...

Base: Silver and Purple

I was sponsored with four overcoat colour;

Snow Blast - White

Vintage Violet - Purple

Fractured Foil - Silver

Ink Splatter - Black

Application Tips

Do not apply to bare nails. Apply two coats of your favorite Sally Hansen nail color.

Once dried, add a thin or thick coat (depending on desired effect) of any Crackle Overcoat shade.

Do not leave the bottle open, close tightly when not in use.

Allow it to dry and seal with any Sally Hansen top coat.

Benefits; Available in 8 shades, Creates a unique design on each nail, Wet to set in 60 seconds

My Review:

This is simply awesome!

In fact, I tried other brand of such-nail polish before and I prefer Sally Hansen because

it dries faster and cracks evenly (it depends on how you apply it on your nail as well though).

The effect is so nice and the colours are interesting!

Best option when you are lazy to go for a manicure! I have receive many questions on my nail.

When I told them, I did it myself, they are quite amazed. - I love the attention.

Sally Hansen nail polish is more affordable than other brand and easy to find!

Btw, you have to be careful on this nail polish.

Remember to close them tightly everytime after use or when applying.

When it dries it cracks!


Do not apply too thick! - It won't crack nicely if you apply a thick layer.

Apply a glossy topcoat after you're done as when it dries, the effect is matte.

Mix and match! Choose the right colour to apply the overcoat.

Crackle Overcoat

Create a unique crackle effect on each of your nails

Sally knows that having options is important.

For the ultimate in mixing and matching,

Crackle Overcoat comes in 8 different shades which can be paired with any nail color.

From bold blue to mature metallics, you can create a unique mosaic design that’s modern and sophisticated.

Snow Blast. Vintage Violet. Fractured Foil. Fuschia Shock. Distressed Denim.

Antiqued Gold. Cherry Smash. Ink Splatter

Available exclusively in Watsons Singapore

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