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06 March 2012

Sponsored: Makeover by DeCharacter

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you should know that, we went for a photo shoot!!

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About De Character

One of the beauty and fashion industry’s brightest stars,

Justina brings her passion for beauty, unique eye for fashion and expertise in

new product development to Singapore Makeover Industry.

With over 15 years experience in the fashion makeup industry,

Justina had enjoyed various successes as a professional makeup artist.

Her talent is constantly in demand by major fashion and wedding magazines, photographers

and even as a personal makeup artist for various celebrities.

She was even featured and interviewed on television for her up and coming success-

DeCharacter Image Pte Ltd.

This time round, it's by De Character!

I went to the studio without any make up that day!

De Character is located near to Bugis or City Hall Mrt..

About 5mins of walk only..

No.30 Purvis Street #02-01 (behind Raffles Hotel) Singapore 188607.

Tel: (65) 6334 9476/77

Mobile: (65) 9328 0111

Fax: (65) 6336 9251

Customer Service:


Here's the lady boss, Justina applying make up on me!

She asked me, what kind of make up do I prefer?

Spring or smokey eyes?

Well, to be very honest, I am quite conservative when it comes to make up.

I always reject heavy make up including smokey eyes.

But, that day, I decided to give it a try!

I choosed Smokey Eyes..

Justina is the owner of De Character, make up artist, and sometimes photographer!

She's very talented and does put a lot of effort on my make up..

Tadah! I love my make up!!!

Look at how glitter my eyes are!

I was quite amazed that it didn't turn out to be too ghostly..

I always have that problem.

When I put too much make up, I will feels like I am attending Halloween party.

Look at my lashes! They are my own lashes!

Now, move on to my hair.

I decided to keep it straight as my previous photoshoot was with curl hair.

My make up makes my eyes look 2-3x bigger! lol

I love my overall look!

Do you know the reason why I look so good here?

Interviewed & appeared on SIMPLY HER Magazine in their March 2007 issue.
Nominated as a receipient for the Spirit of Enterprise award 2006 & was selected as one of the Top 41, 2006 Honourees
Appeared on the Kids Central TV programme "Jobs for Juniors"
Decharacter was appointed "Official Makeover Studio" for MediaCorp Kids Central "KCDC" programme.
Appeared as a guest speaker in Channel U's programme,"CROSSFIRE"
Appeared on Channel 8's "Young Bosses", in episode 4, "The Makeover Expert"
Invited to be one of the key speakers at "Good Morning Singapore", Channel 8
Selected by MediaCorp to appear on Channel 8 TV programme "Wei Ji Ji Zhuan Wan" (Recession Proof)

She received numerous of award and often do make up for celebrities!!!

It was Justina personal passion to style and groom people around her over a decade

that had inspire her to start DeCharacter Image Pte Ltd in Singapore.

Not just a makeover. That is the very mission objective that was passed down
by Miss Justina Lee for DeCharacter Image.

DeCharacter has transform thousands of man, woman and children using the most

imaginary concept available in high quality creative photography.

Unique concepts that are guaranteed to bring out the very best in everybody.

Everything is supplied as a total package ensuring a most indulgent,

fun experience including professional hair, makeup artistry, styling and creative photography.

I am done with my make up and hair - and now, his turn! =D

Look at his face! Hahahaha!

Relax dear..

Why is my boyfie so cute? =P

I can't stop to camwhore that day =P

Now, here are the results!!!

I choosed a total of 10 pictures and here are some of them;

Aw look at my sexy leg! Hahaha!

I love how my hair looks like in this photo;

We laughed a lot and too much when we took face to face photo.. =P

Kindly drop some comments? =)

Let me know which picture is nicer? hoho..

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  1. the makeover looks great!

  2. aweee how cute the third one of u guys he looks pissed off at you and you look all in love hehe.. very nice ur hair does look very aazing!!!!

  3. hahaha i just noticed that...yes he look quite fierce in that pic lol thanks for your comment =)


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