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12 March 2012

Sponsored: Kimmi Fragrance : Lily, Mimi, Niki Review and Giveaway!

Alright, today's topic is all about perfume!

I was sponsored with several brand of fragrances and

I am going to review one of the brand for you today.

When Eastern philosophy meets - Inspired by the Japanese Kokeshi

Western design dolls that appeared during the 19th century,

Kimmi dolls are contemporary gorgeous collectable dolls

combining traditional and modern creative sensibility.

Each one of the existing 80 different dolls has its dedicated look,

artwork and expresses one of life’s true value.

Following the success of the Kimmi doll line, Kimmi Junior was launched in 2009.

Based on universal trendy values: kindness and friendship,

Kimmi Junior aimed at juniors…and even at olders!

Like their big sisters, Kimmi Junior dolls share a stunning design:

soft and original shapes mixed with fun and colorful artworks.

Each doll is chosen depending on its spirit and style.

Everyone seeks dolls looking like them ... or dolls, they would love to look like.

A unique way to display and share ones taste and character!

To deepen and express this concept one step further,

what’s best than a fragrance? Kimmi Fragrance was born.

A fragranceor rather multiple fragrances that tell stories which remain to be continued…

For this new ambitious project,

3 different yet complementary scents that embody the personality
and the values of 3 dolls characters that girls identify with:
Lily, Mimi and Niki fragrances were created.

Lily's attribute - loyal and trustworthy

Lily's universe - nature is always cheerful

Mimi's attribute - quirky and spontaneous

Mimi's universe - stars shine high in the sky

Niki's attribute - giving and generous

Niki's universe - baking and sharing

Kimmi Fragrance adds some extra fun !

Kimmi Fragrance goes a step further into the fun

by offering decorative stickers with each eau de toilette.

Girls are invited to express their creativity

by customizing their perfume so that their

Kimmi Fragrance would not be just a perfume bottle but their very own.

Price and availability;

The 3 scents are retailing at SGD49 in Sephora ION and ALT Bugis.

My review:

Given the price, I think this is a perfume thats worth to collect!

Look at how cute the dolls are..!

Each of them represents a unique personality and has its very own fragrance.

E.g: Look at Niki! The one with cupcakes sticker.

Niki's smells really sweet and refreshing! - Imagine Strawberry sorbet

Whereas Lily smells fruity-flora and Mimi smells flora-ish.

All of the fragrances are just-nice for me.

I like sweet, refreshing and feminine fragrance - not too strong.

Kimmi fragrance meets all of my requirement!

It also comes with stickers to customise the doll

so that you can have your very own perfume bottle!

You should check them out in stores!

Now, Here's the fun part!

I am giving away 2 MIMI EDT 50ml to two of my readers!!

What you need to do are extremely easy.

1. Follow me on twitter @RENEOCT or click here

2. Tweet "These Kimmi Fragrances are so cute! @Reneoct"

3. Comment in this post with your

Twitter ID and email so that I know you are participating.

E.g: @Reneoct -

Good luck sweeties!

Terms and Conditions

1. This Giveaway is open Internationally.

2. Winners will be contacted directly through email.

3. Winners will be picked up randomly by me.

4. Readers need to follow the instruction precisely.

5. This giveaway will close on 31 March 2012 11.59 pm (Singapore Time)

Any question email me at


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