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30 March 2012

Sponsored: Haagen Dazs Girls’ Day Out‏

It's high tea time!
I was so excited when I received an invitation to the launch of Haagen Dazs 3-tier high tea set.
Firstly, I was delighted when I saw the word high tea.
Secondly, I found out that I can invite 3 of my friends to enjoy the high tea session with me!
Haagen Dazs rocks!

Press Release

Have the perfect Girls’ Day Out with Häagen-DazsBond with your girlfriends over an indulgent afternoon like no otherSingapore - Experience a wonderful afternoon of simple luxuries with your closest girlfriends as Häagen-Dazs introduces new indulgences that will complete your girls’ day out. Catch up and bond over three new irresistible treats from the iconic ice cream maker; the decadent High Tea Affair, the first and ingenious ice cream macaroons and the limited edition Petite Temptations dine-in creation served with the new Cookie Dough Chip flavour.

The first of its kind in Singapore from a super premium ice cream brand, the Häagen-Dazs High Tea Affair and ice cream macaroons are created as a platform to ignite strings of feminine bond and deliver a luxurious day out with the girls.

Recently, a study revealed that the typical woman spends five hours a day – more than a third of her waking hours – chatting and exchanging news with friends. After a busy day, she looks forward to some well-deserved unwinding time. Most women prefer to chat face-to-face and much of the chatter happens over food and a glass of wine. A Girls’ Day Out with Häagen-Dazs promises more than just indulgent treats - it’s the quality time spent and smiles that bring relationships together with every mouthful shared between friends and loved ones. After all, true luxury and joy stays in the heart.

I excitedly went down to Haagen Dazs at Holland Village days ago.

I invited YiJing and Himeko to enjoy the high tea session with me!
Some of my friends couldn't make it, unfortunately.

The restaurant was specially decorated for the event!
Fresh flower table arrangement found!
Attention to detail: the ambiance was comfortable and romantic!
Perfect place to gather with friends and gossip away! It's girls' time!

That's Rachel Tan, Haagen Dazs marketing manager delivering a speech.

Are you ready?

For the dainty delights?

High Tea Affair – S$38++
To celebrate this elegant affair, the Häagen-Dazs 3-tier High Tea set is decked with 
3 mini scoops each of Cookie Dough Chip, Belgian Chocolate and Strawberry ice cream; 
followed by a choice of 6 delicate ice cream macaroons and finally, 
succulent pieces of kiwis, raspberries and grapes. 

Yes! you didn't hear it wrongly!
Mini scoop ice cream and ice cream macaroons! How creative is that?
It was yummy! All of us love it!

Berries, Kiwis and Grapes on the last tier!

Petite Temptations – S$18++
A limited edition that comes with chunks of buttery cookie dough and sweet fudge chips
hidden in folds of the finest Häagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream and accompanied
by drizzles of mango and chocolate sauce. 
An all-time favorite, the Cookie Dough Chip flavour will bring back memories of yesteryears.

Cookie Dough flavour ice cream taste creamy!
The cookies were nice but I found it a lil bit too tough..
Overall, it was good! The mango sauce complement the overall taste.
Best to end it with a cup of coffee or tea. #Enjoy

For more information visit Haagen Dazs website and facebook page at;


  1. is this in singapore? where is it btw? so curious..really wanna come and try it out..looks so cozy :)

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

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    nice opinion.. thanks for posting.


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