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22 March 2012

Sponsored: Freskon Orange Solitaire and Vidal Sassoon Ceramic Instant Heat Hair Setter Review

Hellow babes!

It has been a while since my last hair tool post!

Btw, before I start, I would like to share about the lens sponsored by Freskon Singapore!

As mentioned before, I was sponsored with 4 pair of lenses for review months ago.

I decided to use the Orange Solitaire during last Chinese New Year!

As you know, Orange is a popular colour this year!

And look at my eyes! It looks so natural and fresh on me! Don't you agree?

Check out Freskon Singapore for more information!

Click Here

I was sponsored with three types of hair tools remember? click here

Today I am going to share about one of the tools!

The Vidal Sassoon Ceramic Instant Heat Hair Setter!

This is my hair before using the product...

Watch this video!


Look at the curl I get from using the Vidal Sassoon Ceramic Instant Heat Hair Setter !

Compared to the last two tools that I tried,

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The curl I get from using the heat hair setter was bigger and more loose.

The curler comes in many size as well. You can control the size of the curl you want

big curl? small curl? you decide!

It was pretty easy to use! Basically just curl your hair and secure!

You can watch TV or do whatever activity you want to do while waiting for it to set.

I feels that the curl I get last longer than usual as well.

Maybe it is because of the duration of the heat.

Usual hair curler - Curl your hair, wait for about 10-15 second and release.

VS Heat Hair Setter - Curl your hair, clip and wait. You can release it anytime you want! 30mins? 1 hour?

Up to you!

The temperature of the hair curler will cool down slowly. At the same time, it sets your hair!

That's the reason why the curl tends to last longer.

Vidal Sassoon Hair tools here;
Watsons, Audio House, Best Denki, Carrefour,Mustafa,
Natural Cool and Mega Discount Stores (Kallang Leisure Park)


  1. Hi! I love the curls - but I can't seem to locate the product Vidal Sassoon Ceramic Instant Heat Hair Setter at Watsons.

    Do you have the model number? Thanks! :)

  2. Hi, you can try to find it in mustafa or best denki! =)

  3. Hi babe, can I know where did you get your VS Hair Setter in Singapore? It's out of stock at Best Denki.


Thanks for your lovely comment!