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11 March 2012

Sponsored: COLLA-e - Collagen with Multi Vitamin Drink!

A small 25ml cup of colla-e everyday for nice complexion and toink toink skin! =D

This is the second bottle sponsored by Colla-e Singapore.

I love to drink it because it tastes really nice!

Just like orange-mango-ish syrup.

Not as sweet or sour as syrup though. It tastes just nice!

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I personally feels more hydrated and healthier after drinking it.

At least, I have done whatever I can to prevent my skin from

sagging, pigmentation and free radical damage.

COLLA-e Naturally Works To

Rejuvenate aged or dull skin

Prevent skin from free radical damage

Reduce deep wrinkles and fine lines

Combat Hyper-pigmentation,

Reduce dark spots and Improve skin tone

Restore moisture balance and skin elasticity


Pour 25ml of COLLA-e Collagen Drink in a measuring cup,

Drink as it is,or add ice/water to dilute to preference taste.At least 25ml (or up to 50ml)

twice daily for best result.

Price: S$48 available in Watsons


  1. It seems to be really useful. I want to buy one and try too

  2. Hey Rene,

    May I know, how long does a bottle last?

  3. It last me for about two weeks? =) depends how many times you take a day.

  4. Anonymous28 July, 2012

    drink b4 or after food?

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Thanks for your lovely comment!