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08 March 2012

Sponsored: Avalon presents John Digweed (UK)

It's a beautiful night~

We're looking for something dumb to do~

Hey baby, I think I wanna go to Avalon with you~

Hahaha This is the best song on earth! It always makes me excited!

Bruno Mars is the best! =D

We were invited to private VIP cocktail reception
by Budiyan from Indulgence Singapore who is also a representative of Avalon last month!

17th Feb 2012

John Digweed was in town!

Guess what's cooler?

Free flow of alcoholic drinks! =D

He had several rounds of orange juice mix vodka or was it gin? I forgot..

He just wanted to drink something lighter that night..

simply because, I can't drink LOL

We were directed to second floor, the VIP reception area! =D

With a big table by ourself! woots!

It was my first time to Avalon and it was his second time!

Look at how stunning the interior of the club is!

In case you don't know, Avalon is a renowned nightclub brand–

no stranger to celebrities like The Black Eyed Peas, Ashton Kutcher,

Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore and etc

stretches across the top two levels of Marina Bay Sands' Crystal Pavillion.

The 12,000 sq ft club also features an ambitious, state-of-the-art visual, sound and light system,

setting the stage for the biggest party in Asia, especially with the exciting line-up

of the world’s leading DJ’s, live concerts and glitzy events.

Cost: approx $35, unless there’s a special event. $1,500 minimum on tables.

Source: here

About John Digweed

Some DJ careers are built on hype. John Digweed’s career is built on substance.

One of the planet’s most popular DJs, his sets never fall out of favour with clubbers the world over,

as his relentless global gig schedule testifies.

From ethereal, swirling cinematic soundscapes to energy-infused bass-bothering tech growlers,

a new generation of clubbers are learning what we already know -

that there’s nothing quite like being locked into a John Digweed set.

Party starts at about 1pm and it gets really really crowded!!!

John Digweed rocks the stage!

We had loads of fun that night!

Thanks to Budiyan and Indulgence Singapore!

Visit Indulgence Singapore Facebook Here

Visit Avalon Facebook Page Here

Indulge Singapore is going to celebrate their Second Birthday!

Spam and say happy birthday to them on their facebook wall now!!

Stay tuned for the Indulgence 2nd Anniversary release!


  1. Just FYI, there’s an event for bloggers and the prizes are iPad2 and Cash Find the info here

  2. wow this club is gorgeous. where is it at? how do u get invited to these awesome events spill lol id love to partici[ate


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