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20 March 2012

Sponsored: Aromatherapy and Make Up Workshop by Pro Academy

Last week I attended The Pro Academy Workshop!

Pro Academy is located near to Tanjong Pagar MRT.

Just mins of walk =D Exact address is 75 Tras Street!

The first workshop was the Aromatherapy workshop!

"Scent of Beauty"

The workshop was conducted by Mr Cedric Chow, a professional and experienced aromatherapist.

I learnt a lot from the workshop and I also cleared all of my doubt about aromatherapy.

I asked if there's such thing as overdoses? He answered no.

Is aromatherapy harmful to pets? He answered no.

Best part of the workshop: We get to customize our own facial serum! =D

Before we start, we get to smell the fragrances of all of the essential oil.

Dry and Sensitive Skin;

Benzoin. Lavender. Petitgrain. Sweet Almond Oil

Combination Skin;

Lime. Geranium, Ylang Ylang. Sweet Almond Oil

Oily Skin;

Cypress. Geranium. Lemon. Sweet Almond Oil

Acne Skin;

Cypress. Eucalyptus. Tea Tree. Sweet Almond Oil

Are you ready? =D

I think most of us has combination skin.

Pouring 10ml of Sweet Almond Oil to my bottle;

Choosing the right essential oil.

Adding few drops of essential oil to my bottle;

We're done! Look at how serious we were! =D

It was a fun and insightful activity!

My very own essential oil! - Btw, pardon my mistake;

It should be Special facial serum by Rene without the 's lol

Lunch was provided! We had a sumptuous meal that day!

Meal was catered by Stamford

After meal,we continued to the second work shop!

It was an interesting one!

A make up workshop conducted by Miss Cheryl Ow

She is a very fashionable and interesting +with a lil bit sense of humour - pro make up trainer!

Fyi, I attended many make up workshop before.

I am so happy that I get to learn a lot more things than usual.

We were taught with many tips and tricks.

I learnt about contouring, how to apply red lipstick (it's very hard to rock red colour lips),

she taught us on how to contour double chin too!!! #bestpart #INeedThisBadly.

Attention to detail. Patient. Practice are the golden secret.

Now, it's hands-on time!

Make up products and tools were provided!

We get to bring all of the Make Up For Ever products home after the workshop! #MaxCool

Removed my make up!

I was very very excited! and happy!

Look at what's on my table! #Paradise

Products provided were by costal scent, nyx, make up forever and etc.

It was my first time trying pop colour eye shadow.

Cream. Green. Purple.

I mixed a lil bit of pink and orange for my blusher.

Fake Lashes! They are very very light and easy to apply.

I wonder what's the brand of the lashes.


Luckily the eyeshadow looks quite natural on me.

About Pro Academy

As we march steadily toward the new millennia,

we are witnessing an unprecedented era of global changes in the beauty,

aesthetics and wellness industries – various economies are moving towards closer integration,

thus bringing various nationalities into the concept of a global village.

With such rapid advancement comes the need for professional beauty,

aesthetics and wellness knowledge, skills and competencies,

so as to create key advantage for individuals and companies.

Currently, an increasing number of beauty, aesthetics and wellness professionals

are pursuing further studies to enhance their employment potential.

Hence, it gives us great pleasure to welcome you to PRO Academy,

where we have a variety of certificate and diploma courses

in aspects of beauty, aesthetics and wellness.

At PRO Academy, we believe in providing training of the highest quality,

both nationally and internationally.

To facilitate students with the best learning environment,

we conduct our classes at a low student-trainer ratio of 12:1

to allow for greater interaction between the trainer and students.

Each designated space, such as the practical room, theory room, nails area,

hair and makeup area, is well-equipped to fit a

comfortable number of 12 students at any point in time.

We have also set in a place a set of clear, concise rules and regulations on fee payments,

redress, and refund policies, of which has been detailed out in the student handbook.

Staying true to our roots of empowering learning, our variety of courses is a

reflection of our commitment to innovation, and the training faculty of

PRO Academy is determined to achieve excellence in all teaching programs,

through the breadth of expertise our team has in beauty, aesthetics and wellness disciplines.

With us, your path to being a PRO starts today!

Check out their website here!

Make jaws drop with pro makeup transformation techniques using brushes.

Learn how with #proacademy.

With all of the awesome bloggers =D
As usual, I made some new friends on that day!
I have accumulated MANY blogger friends through Nuffnang!
Last but not least, thanks to Nuffnang for the awesome invite!
Thanks to Jayne who have been in contact with me too!

Have a great day everyone!

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