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07 March 2012

Spending My Weekend with My Family is The Best Thing On Earth!

I always spend my weekend together with my family when I am in Indonesia.

First destination on Sunday would be to go to the Church, follow by lunch and lastly grandma's place.

All these happened last month! LOL!

We went to Nagoya Hill Mall after from The Church.

Sis recommended this restaurant called Melting Pot.

She said the food was good. However, looking at the emptiness of the restaurant, I doubt.

This is mami! =D She was looking great that day.

*waves at mum! hallo!*

Hahaha My mum is one of my loyal readers.

Our drinks - Coconut, Orange+Coconut, Avocado Juice and I forgot..Es teler? =P

We ordered chicken, tofu! and etc..

They taste not too bad.

I didn't take any picture of the food simply because,

I don't see the point of taking a picture of them. They are ugly and hard to describe.

After lunch, we went to Lucky Plaza as mum want to buy a necklace for sis..

Looking for Handphone, Camera and other gadget? -Lucky Plaza is the place!

Ohya! Look at my new bag sponsored by Missy Lemon!!!

Joanie qulited bag in brown.

It is very very spacious and the material is very durable.

The design is very new as well.

I love square-shaped, big and nice bag - This is exactly what I want!

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Have a great day!

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  1. wow what a hott momma haha cute post i lov family time as well


Thanks for your lovely comment!