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19 March 2012

Room Tour: My Anna Sui Inspired Room!

Hahaha we had so much fun that night!


Thats Me. My Bro. My Sis and Mommy!

We got bored so we decided to camwhore! =D

Sleep Zzz...

This is how we did it!

Self-timer, ready? Click!

How about a tour around my room? =D

Check out this video!

Here are the pictures;

My Princess Bed! I choosed it myself! and my dad hates it! Hahaha!!

He said it looks like those bed that can be found in jail OMG! #SAD

gonna replace it with a queen size bed soon LOL!

My dressing table. I am still looking for anna-sui-ish chair..

I bought some flowers and arranged them myself! nice?

My Victorian mini furniture!

Some of my Anna Sui Make Up Tray and etc..

Where I keep my make up! Messy!

This is only 50% of my make up. Most of my make up is in Singapore!

Some of my Hello Kitty collection and S.H.E albums

I love Charmmy Kitty!

Nail Products =D

Last but not least, my awesome chandelier!

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  1. are such a princess! i love your room so much!!

  2. You really like a princess... I love your Victorian mini furniture.....

  3. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.


Thanks for your lovely comment!