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21 March 2012

Reunion Dinner at Vista Hotel

Ultra outdated post! =D

This is my mami and my younger sister who is getting married soon!

We went to Vista Hotel for a family dinner!

Cousins, Emily Juvena, Enrico Yola, Heri Kustanto, Herna Tan

That's Jeslyn, her dad (my uncle) and Yoki!

As mentioned before, I lao-ed many yu shengs this year!

This was the third or fourth yu shen of the year!

Papi and Mami!

Table where I was sitting at! =D

With Lydia (my da-sao to be!) =D

Suhanti. Suhanto, His wifey and the handsome boy!

My cousins are all very cute! =D

and naughty! =P

Lil princess!

The cutie pie!

Jeslyn and the funniest cousin, Herline!

Singaporean cousin, looking cool! Haha!

He is an Indonesian but has been staying in Singapore since million years ago.

Rico. Heri. Yoki and JingShen


I am so happy to be a part of this big family!

For more picture you can visit my facebook page!

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