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09 March 2012

Nuffnang 5th Birthday Celebration!

Yay! Today I have a lot of picture to share with you!!

(well, actually most of my blog posts are packed with pictures)

Before that, I want to thank one of my past advertisers *Sorry but I forget which one*

for the complimentary Makeover session by Majolica Majorca!

I called, emailed and annoyed the management for appointment that day!

I was kind of furious as..

I tried to call and email days before but I didn't get any respond.

Most importantly, it doesn't state that I have to make

the appointment in how many days in advance.

It just says that appointment is required.

Then what's wrong to try and make appointment on the same day?

If there's no slot then tell me! I can just do the make up myself. *huff*


Anyway, it saves me a lot of time though!

I went out without any make up that day!

I hope I didn't scare anyone..

My make up artist named Henny was very friendly and helpful.

She's very professional as well.

She knows what I want and what I need!

Here's the smokey eyes she created.

I love how she makes my eyes appear wider.

Nail Art of the day!

I was addicted to my Dior Inspired Nail Art (thumb)

As for the rest, I didn't put too much effort on them =P

I was very delighted when Jayne from Nuffnang told me that

I am invited to Nuffnang's Birthday Party!

The event was held at Swissotel The Stamford - Equinox Private Dining Room 2&3

Upon arrival I was greeted with the friendly Nuffies!

Here's a picture of ME! =D

I love flower table arrangement! (As usual) hehe!

Sumptuous buffet!

A picture with Miss Clara! =D

I secretly love her eyes! She's really good in applying fake lashes! *envy*

With Nichology!

With Nat Ho! Unfortunately Blur!!! =(

Hey Boss Ming look at the camera! lol

With Xiaxue! It was my third or fourth time meeting her.

She is actually a very friendly person.

(Even though some times her tweets or blog posts are pretty offensive.

That's what makes her so special though. She dares to speak out #peifu)

Ps: Btw, that's LadyIronChef at the back =P

Ayee..a blur picture with Yutaki and Sophie!

They are really really really tall! lol okay..

maybe it's me that's too short haha!

They look like model in person =)

A group picture with all other awesome bloggers!

I had two rounds of dessert that day!

They were yummy!!!

Humble Beginning

Special Guest of the night!

Chua En Lai (Noose) as a Thai that night lol!

He was quite funny =)

Nuffnang's Birthday Cake! =D

I wonder who ate Boss Ming that night lol

There were games, live music and other entertainments..

Watch this!

Expect: Birthday song for #Nuffnangis5 by Ling Kai and @ChuaEnLai requested

@Bongqiuqiu and @Noelboyd to do pole dancing LOL! watch now!

Once again, Happy Birthday Nuffnang!

It was a wonderful night!

I made some new friends! =D

If you were sitting at table no.5 and is reading this, kindly leave a comment please..

So that I can visit your blog as well..

Yay! I get to bring a Churpie home! =D

Gucci's new friend!

Thanks to all of the Nuffies for organizing such a wonderful event!

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  1. u looked very pretty girl..

  2. Looking cute! Nice pictures!

  3. thanks for the taking pics with me! nice seeing u in person and nice blog u have!


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