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27 March 2012

My Dog Messed Up The Prank (Video)

He refused to wake up and prepare breakfast for me..
It was already 2 pm!

I decided to draw his face and have some fun!

Watch this!

First Attempt
Gucci was suspicious.
He knew that I was going to do something to his master and he jumped at me!
Luckily he was still unaware..

Second Attempt..
I drew from far hoping to complete my masterpiece slowly step by step.
However, again, I failed.

Last Attempt
He woke up half way and mumbling to himself muahahaha!!

At the end? we woke up at 4pm!
I will try other extreme method in the future..

If your boyfriend bully you. Think to more! Prank is the way!
Muahahaha Have fun girls!

1 comment :

  1. OMG OMG OMG !!!
    i prank my pthubby too,and when he wake up he keep scolding but i keep laughting~


Thanks for your lovely comment!