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02 March 2012

Bali: Valentine Dinner at Metis and Ku De Ta - The story of a little meatball.

This year, we spent our special day in Bali!

How romantic is that? You think so? =P

We had a sumptuous meal that night!

We went for a fine-dining dinner at this restaurant called Metis!

About Metis

Treat yourself to an entirely sensory experience.

Sample a symphony of flavorful wit.

Enjoy a welcome reprieve overlooking beautiful Bali rice fields.

Welcome to MÉTIS.

Chef Nicolas 'Doudou' Tourneville, formerly of Kafe Warisan , brings his legendary talent and culinary artistry to the table with a masterful combination of French Mediterranean cuisine. Flawless service in one of Bali's most elegantly sophisticated settings is just the beginning of this seduction into the depths of the five senses. MÉTIS is as fresh and sumptuous as the cuisine that graces its tables.


Valentine Special - The True Love drink Rp 98.000

Mixture of juices and a lil bit of vodka! yummy!

Les Escargots

Roasted Mushrooms Stuffed with Snails and Parsley - Rp 76.000

The moment I saw the word escargot I shouted;

"I have to order this!" #shoutfemininely haha!

I was quite regret though as it doesn't taste as good as the one I had on board Legend of the seas.

The Warm Scallop was wonderful! - Rp 135.000

It tastes really great!

The veggie sauce was tasteful and the scallops were really huge and tenderly sweet!

A picture of us (look at my fat face and body! #suicide)

I ordered 250 grs Grilled Australian Black Angus Ribeye Steak -Rp 265.000

Garlic and Parsley Lyonnaise Potatoes, Métis Butter Sauce

His ribeye steak tastes good. However,

Mine was better! I ordered;

Pan Seared US Beef Tenderloin, Roasted Potatoes, Glazed Balinese Shallots,

Baby Spinach, Cabernet and Foie Gras Sauce - Rp 245.000

A generous size of Soufsoufle - we waited 25mins for that!

He was craving for coconut so we ordered one!


Fresh Coconut Soufflé, Coconut Jelly and Lemongrass Syrup, Lime Sherbet - Rp 72.000

The total amount for our meal;

including a glass of Shiraz Rp 140.000 and a bottle of sparkling water Rp 48.000

was whooping Rp 1.282.000! For 2 pax!

By right, In Indonesia, we can have a party of 10 with that amount of money!

In Singapore, maybe a party of 5? lol

Anyway, after from Metis, we continued to Ku De Ta!

About Ku De Ta Bali

A decade has passed since KU DE TA first announced its arrival back in 2000

and the legacy of one of Asia’s most distinctive and beloved lifestyle destination icons continues to go from strength to strength. As the seasons change and the years roll by the elements behind the success and growth of KU DE TA remain unchanged. The uniquely gracious and hospitable spirit of the Balinese and the stunning world-class Seminyak beachfront location of KU DE TA are at the very foundation of what makes the venue so magical, but it’s the reputation KU DE TA has fostered for inimitable fine dining any time of the day or night, discreet attentive service, cutting edge design and architecture and the roster of big name international performers that consider the place a tropical home-from-home that maintains the vibe and popularity of one of Bali’s most revered lifestyle icons.

We played poker card - The Bohong (lie) game lol

It was quite fun though..

Thanks for everything you've done for me that day!

Even though they are really good!

As usual, you can never satisfy me (HAHAHAHA I know you're gonna hate me!)

I think some of you might want to slap me!

I should blog about how much I appreciate his treat, how I am feeling grateful and all..

You are right! I deserve a slap!

Hahaha he has did soooooo much (PS: This is what you thinks and what he thinks!) for me!

Well, if you are my loyal reader, you should know what kind of person I am.

I prefer hand made, home cooked, anything with many details and hard work!

Yes, I think some of you might envy of what I have now..

But these are not what I want,

I want hard work, detail, special, most importantly - PERSONALIZE!

and yes, he has ever did that to me! 6 years ago..once and never.. =(

I felt that he has downgraded me! that's why, for 6 years!

I always thinks that I deserve more =(

You can say that I am greedy! In fact, I am greedy!

My philosophy;

"If you've ever did something good to me, I expect next time to be better.

Give me the best only when the time is right."

The better you do, it means I am more important to you now!

Funny thing is that, I experiment it on small thing such as

meatball, shampoo, bath bomb and other nonsense..


My valentine dinner was wonderful, luxurious and pleasant but not exactly what I want.

It wasn't perfect.

You might think that my expectation is tooooooo high!

Well, my request is seriously VERY small!

He did! He asked me, what I want for Valentine this year?

I replied "Are you sure that you'll get me whatever I want?"

He questioned "What?"

I sadly answered "I want the hand-made meatballs you promised me 6 years ago!"

and He said "NO!"

=( x =( = double sad.

Story: I am a huge sucker for delicious little meatball.

I requested that for my birthday 6 years ago and I thought, I am THAT special that

he would make some meatballs for me. But hell yeah..He didn't!

I think it was his dignity (gengsi) that was acting!

He want to show off to the world that he's good to me,

he loves me by giving me the all the best he can and a luxury life..

Those are not what I want.. =(

He thinks that meatballs are cheap and nonsense!

I swear I will cry and feels that I am the most lucky woman in this world

if he ever give me a bowl of meatball, surprise me and says

"Cinta, these are the meatball I promised.

I made them...for you. They might not taste as good as your favorite brand but I tried..for you..!"

(Shit! I just cried hahaha! I imagined what I have just said)

But, Oh well, I think he'd never make and cook meatballs for me. #HowSad

As you know, we are two completely different person.

Read my prev prev prev post if you are curios..

I am starting to question myself, In long run, will our relationship survive like seriously?

To be very honest, I have lost my faith in marriage.

In fact, I am afraid and scare of the word "Marriage"

We often quarrel on small things such as; shampoo, bath bomb, bath tub, etc..

He thinks that those problems are very very very small.

and often asked me this question

"Are you sure, you want to break up with me because of a bottle of f*cking shampoo?"

Hahahaha #funnyandcutesideofhim

Well, they ARE small..then why don't you satisfy my request?

Btw, those are not the reason of my angst.

It was the attitude and respond I got from you!

I compared you and you, six years ago..

Confirmed. I am very sure I am no longer important to you! =(

Based on true story...

6 years ago

"Cinta! Can you get me some bath bombs from Lush for our Bali Trip?"

"Which one? what? where? I'll get them for you."

or even better he'll answer..

"I am busy babe, I can't get it for you" and surprise me with bath bombs afterward.. sweet! Right?

NOW! Freaking NOW! #phui

"Cinta! Can you get me some bath bombs from Lush for our Bali Trip?"

"Ops..I am going out with my friends later!"

After coming back from hanging out with his friend;

"Can we go down to Orchard and get the bath bomb later?"

(I didn't ask home to go and buy. Instead, I asked him to accompany me!)

His respond. - He took a nap! Zzzz (give round of applause)

Alright..! He was tired...fine!

After less than an hour..he woke up.....automatically!!

Allow me to repeat the word..Automatically...!

Guess what? Manchester United was having a match that night!

(Now..can I have some firework?)

You think he'll go down to Orchard with you just for a small lil bath bomb?

He will...6 years ago..

Now? Dream on! that's a miracle!

"I don't need the bath bomb anymore..I need a bomb myself!"

I am feeling stress even before marriage..

How do you expect me to believe and jump into the pool of love?

That's what people called "Suicide"

What I expect after marriage;

"Cinta! Can you get me some bath bombs from Lush for our Bali Trip?"

*He kicks and slaps me*

HAHAHAHA #imaginationgowild!

Like seriouslyyyyyyy!!! hais I am speechless now..

Didn't expect to blog this long but yeah..

just feels like puking out my anger and show you guys that

I am not a happy girlfriend as what you thought..


Ps: ohya! Of course I am happy and enjoy all of the luxurious goods, meals and life you give me.

You satisfy my craving for interesting things in life so that I can blog about so many things.

In this case, you are the biggest contributor of this blog..

Thank you so much and I love you..

Hmph? How come you sounds like my blog sponsor instead of a boyfie? =P

Can you share with me about your bf or gf too?

I'd love to hear!

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