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02 February 2012

Sponsored: Vanity Trove Valentine Giveaway!

12 days to Valentine! Let's sing! Trala la la la la la.....! =P
Have you got all the things you need?
Other than Valentine gift, the next thing that you want to start planning would be;
1. What to wear on the day.
2. To curl, keep it straight or bun up your hair?
3. Is the dinner outdoor or indoor?
4. Prepare a great looking shoes for the night!
5. A good kiss for your love one! *shy*

Let's move a few step back and think again...!
The most important and critical time is actually the night before Valentine!
You want to make sure you will look great on that upcoming special day, don't you?

Skin care! Yes, I am talking about skin care!
A mask, serum, treatment lotion and etc are what you would definitely need and must use!
Now, which brand? what product? where to get?
Well, the solution is very simple; VANITY TROVE!

With a fee of $25, you'll get loads good quality products delivered to your door step!
Save the hassle to search for review, seat back and relax!
Compared to other beauty boxes I have ever received,
Vanity Trove is slightly more pricey.
However, take a closer look at their previous box!

SkinC, SKII, Lancome, SnailStreet!
They are all prestigious and well known brand!
With the price given, I think it is really worth the money!

About Vanity Trove;

The world of cosmetics and skincare regimes generally leaves one clueless and in awe at its selection.

VanityTrove aims to be the solution to your beauty dilemmas by sifting out the best and most effective products in the industry, directly to you.

We clear the mess and bring you the best.

VanityTrove is beauty sampling made easy. We are sure you will love VanityTrove!

Now, Now, Now..Thanks to VanityTrove!
I am sponsored with a box of Vanity Trove to giveaway to one of my lucky reader!
Yes! A valentine gift specially for you, my lovely reader =)

How to win? Very simple!

1. You have to follow @VanityTrove and me on twitter @ReneOct
2. Tweet " @Reneoct is giving away a @VanityTrove Valentine gift! Visit her blog at"
3. Comment in this post "Followed and Tweeted - (Twitter ID and email)

Alternatively, if you do not have a twitter account,
you can enter this giveaway through facebook!

1. Like VanityTrove facebook HERE and my facebook page HERE
2. Post this on your wall (Remember to tag both page)
"Join (tag with @) Rene Memory List (tag with @) Vanity Trove Valentine gift Giveaway on her blog now!"
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Double chances for those who shared on Facebook and Twitter!
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Rene's Valentine Giveaway Sponsored by VanityTrove!!

Here's The Details:

1. This Giveaway is open Internationally.

2. Winners will be contacted directly through email.

3. Winners will be picked up randomly by me.

4. Readers need to follow the instruction precisely. I, Rene, the owner of this blog, reserved the right to reject any incomplete entry.

5. This giveaway will close on 14 February 2012 11.59 pm (Singapore Time)

Any question email me at

LinkLastly, I am excited as I will receive my February's VanityTrove soon!
You should get one too! Subscribe now!
To find out more, visit VANITY TROVE now!


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