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28 February 2012

Sponsored : Vanity Trove - February Special and Giveaway Winner

Hello babes! Sincerely apologize for my late blog post!
Well, not really late as you still can subscribe!!!!
There are million months ahead!
March, April, May, till I become a grandmother lol #Notfunny

As mentioned before, VanityTrove is a box filled with love!
Read more about Vanity Trove on my previous post?

Watch my video before reading?

Last month, I received a special edition of VanityTrove!

It was the February edition! The Valentine Day edition! =D

Now, witness the LOVE given! =D

It doesn't only looks yummy it smells really great!

I think the fragrance came from the rose or the soap..

Keep reading...

I wasn't dissapointed!

Look at all of the goodies inside!

Compared to other boxes that I have ever received,

this is the most premium one ever!

About February Vanity Trove

This month, we soak you in a tones of sweet and sensual that's perfect for detoxifying your skin inside out. Enjoy pampering sessions in the bathroom with the sweet-smelling soap. Nourish your hair with the shampoo and conditioner set. Unwind after a long day out with a warm pot of tea. Treat your tired eyes with a mask session. Then, make yourself happy with pretty nail colours and accessories. Really, nothing can beat feeling great!

These are what's inside;

Total of 6 goodies exclude misc vouchers!

First up!

OPI Nicky Minaj Collection! *scream*

I saw these babies in a mall recently and decided to give it a miss as they are not cheap..

and I was surprised by Vanity Trove!

Ohman! this is the second sweetest gift I received this month!

(sweetest one is of course my fully sponsored trip to Baliiiii) =P

Next up, we have a premium tea by Allerines!

Bohemian Raspberry.

I really wonder if VanityTrove stalks me?

Because I love Tea! and they know it? =x

Move on, Mekhala travel sized Shampoo and Conditioner

They came just nice for my Bali trip!

My hair turns really soft after using them too!

An interesting accessories by

Hand-made soap by Vanity Trove

Which I have yet to try it!

Last but not least;

SkinC Eye Mask and a $50 gift voucher!

I am not kidding, you just need to pay $25 for all of the goodies above!

Value for money, isn't?

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Winner will be contacted vie email.

Special thanks to everyone who joined the giveaway!

Have a great day!

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