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22 February 2012

Sponsored: Philosophy Launch in Sephora Singapore!

I am so excited to share about the news to you girls!

Philosophy, an American skin care brand is launching soon at Sephora!
I was invited to their press event at The Art House, 1 Old Parliament Lane last week.

I couldn't find the way and was late =x

Ps: I am not local so forgive me.

About Philosophy

philosophy is a brand that approaches personal care from a skin care point of view,while celebrating the beauty of the human spirit. our skin care products, fragrances, bath and body products and philosophy gift sets are formulated with scientifically-proven ingredients.Philosophy is a skin care and cosmetics company that was started by Cristina Carlino,founder of the BioMedic medical skin care line.BioMedic is focused on skin care products that are sold in dermatologists' and cosmetic surgeons' offices.Carlino created Philosophy to give women better access toquality products without having to visit a doctor's office.She also wanted to develop a product line that emphasized wellness over physical perfection, thus building beauty from the inside out.Source:


I made some new friends at the event and met some blogger friends as well.

It was a great mingling session.

Aside from networking, I learnt a lot from the workshop.

We get to try on the product as well.

Chapter 1 : Skin Care

Their philosophy on skin care: "We believe the best cosmetic is great looking skin"

Which I totally agree! If I have to choose between make up or skin care product,

I would definitely choose skin care product

as it gives me long lasting effect compared to make up product.

Philosophy prides itself on using only scientifically proven ingredients

and creating products that are compatible for different skin types and needs,

including oily skin, dry skin, acne-prone skin and sensitive skin.

Product packaging is kept simple, using lowercase letters and pastel-colored bottles,

each with a printed message about hope, inner beauty or sometimes, a recipe.

Even the individual categories promote well-being,

with names like Hope, Purity, Grace and Love.

Chapter 2: Fragrance

Other than skin care product, they also offer fragrance.

Their philosophy on fragrance:

"We believe fragrance should smell good and feel good"

Eternal Grace, Inner Grace Amazing Grace and Pure Grace

Move on to the 3rd chapter: Bath and Body

Their philosophy on bath & body:

"We believe showering should be multi-sensory"

They offer various choices of shower gel!

Look at the name of the shower gel. Raspberry Sorbet,

Senorita Margarita, Vanilla Birthday Cake

Coconut Frosting, Field of Flower and many more!

They offer gift set as well!

What's interesting about this the gift set is that: Look at the beautiful packaging!

Isn't it a wonderful, easy and amazing gift?

You don't need to wrap, buy card or even choose the gift.

Just buy and give =D

It was an insightful event! and I can't wait to check them out in Sephora real soon!

Look at the interesting and sinful desserts served at the event!

Say awww to the cupcakes!

Thanks to Philosophy Singapore as well as TouchComm team for the hospitality.

Thanks for the goodies bag as well. I can't wait to try and review them!

Check out Philosophy website HERE


  1. FINALLY, it's available in Sephora's Spore!!!
    Thanks for the info, Irene <3<3

  2. btw, love the amazing grace perfume!
    Cant wait for your review :)

  3. Yes! The fragrances are heavenly! Thanks for sharing Irene!

  4. I love philosophy skincare and bath and body products.


Thanks for your lovely comment!