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08 February 2012

Sponsored: Launch of Obolo Galeria @ The Rochester Mall

I just came back from the launch of Obolo Galeria!

Without wasting my time, I decided to blog about it right away!

Thanks to the owner/chef, Mr Mac Woo for the invite. =)

My bro and I enjoyed the dinner very much!

In case you don't know, Obolo Galeria will be officially launched tomorrow!

I felt honored to have the chance to taste their food even before their launch.

I saw loads of food blogger but I was too shy to approach them =P

Here's the interior of Obolo Galeria..

Upon arrival, we were directed to the table reserved for us and then...

foods were offered generously and non-stop ! omg!

Let start from some of its main course..

The first dish that we tried was the sandwiches!

The have various kind of sandwich! Just look at the choices offered in their menu above!

We tried Teriyaki Chicken and smoked salmon.

I personally prefer the teriyaki chicken! the sauce is sweet and addictive!

Btw, this is my bro who kindly accompanied me to the event =D

Next up we had Pizza!

The cheeses on top of the pizzas were really generous!

The ingredients used were very fresh as well.

Finger food such as sausages, french fries, wing zings, tomato soup were served to us as well!

Now move on to the second main, dessert!
Why second main? Because, Obolo is well known for its dessert! =D

I was pampered with choices! =D

Those desserts look great and taste great too!

They have cheese cake, cupcake, layer cake and many more!

Look at these mini tarts! They are just too cute to be eaten!

Macarons!!! =D

This is my first time trying Macarons can you believe it?

Reason is simply, my perception of macarons is extremely sweet!

I love sweets! But not something that's too sweet!

Flavours include Bittersweet Chocolate / Salted Caramel Chocolate / Raspberry / Mango-Passion / Pistache / Hazelnut Chocolate / Rose / Milk Chocolate Macadamia / Macha / Cassis / Ruby / Fraise / Vanille / Earl Grey Milk Chocolate.

Bro trying their Chocolate macarons!

Surprisingly it tastes really good and not as sweet as expected!

As shown in this picture below,

the pastry is thin and it is filled with chocolate generously!

Bro having Iced Mocha Latte

And I ordered a drink called Joy!

Mixture of Orange Guava Apple

It tasted refreshing!

Last buy not least, they offer cookies as well!

The owner generously gave out a box of cookies to all attendant!

I have yet to try it but I guess the taste won't be disappointing.

Visit Obolo Galeria at The Rochester Mall - 35 Rochester Drive !
Visit their website too!


  1. Macarons !!!! :( :( :( want want want !!!

  2. Haha, you took a photo of me taking photo. :)


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