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13 February 2012

A Simple Date with My Love One! ♥

Rare rare rare! Haha Valentine day is tomorrow!

I thought, Okay, maybe I should share some stories about my relationship.

Btw, this is a scheduled post . By now, I should be in Bali enjoying my valentine trip with him!

In case you don't know, I met my current partner for the first time almost ten years ago!

We've been together for about 6 years now! That's really a very long journey yeah!

We were high school classmate and we moved to Singapore to further study since four or five years ago.

Both of us have graduated! =D

He's officially an Interior Designer - graduated from Raffles Design Institute (almost two years ago) and

I was awarded with a Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Business by Temasek Polytechnic and

have just got my statement of academic completion for my degree early this year.

I will receive my Bachelor of Business (Marketing) by Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology this August! yay!

I am thinking of going back to Indonesia for some serious business.

That's my tentative plan though, my accommodation contract has not ended.

In the other word, I am trapped in Singapore lol.

Anyway, our relationship has been up and down haha!

Even my girl friends noticed that! They often asked me

"Why is your Facebook status sounds so sad and pathetic? Are you okay?"

To be very honest, we often quarrel over small matter.

I mentioned on my blog before that we are two completely different person!

Totally different. We almost do not have any thing thats similar lol

In Chinese culture, two snakes (zodiac) are not supposed to live together.

Well, I just knew about that recently! Hahaha OMG after 6 years together lol.

I guess that's the reason why we often quarrel? Well, that's a maybe.

I am not sure. These culture thingy just sound so weird. There is no logic to it.

But some times, things really happen for no reason.

Well, I will leave it to fate (aw boring sentence) haha!

Anyway, last week, we went to Bugis and had loads of fun!

We actually went for a photoshoot session as well.

However, it wasn't a pleasant one so I don't wish to talk about it here.

After the photoshoot, we went to Nando's for our dinner!

Love is in the air~ Look at those heart shaped baloon! =D

He ordered a Chicken Pita with peri chips (side line) $13.90-

Flame-grilled pita pocketed with mouth watering pero pero chicken and delicious veggie goodness.

I ordered 1/4 Chicken (Potato salad and spiced rice) $14.90 and

he ordered 1/2 Chicken (Mediterranean rice and peri chips) $22.90

I love Nando's grilled chicken! yummeh!

We spent a total of about $70 including drinks, taxes and service charge.

After dinner, we walked over to Iluma as I wanted to watch "We not naughty!"

I read loads of good review about the movie and I was feeling shitty that day.

I simply need some laugh!

Unfortunately, FilmGarde has stopped showing the movie.

Instead, we watched Chronicle. It was a movie worth to watch.

The story is quite interesting.

The movie starts at 09.20pm and we have plenty of time to kill as it was still early.

We decided to go to the arcade which is located just beside the cinema to have some fun!

Hahaha..Guess what? we spent total of $20 on this machine! lol

Watch our video here;

These are the craps that we got! Hahaha!

As you can see, it is NOT worth the money at all!

But for the fun, I am willing to pay for it.

A picture of me with Hello Kitty Claw Crane machine behind me!

He played some other games too.

Btw, this is a blur picture of my nail!

It has been two or three weeks! They still look pretty good!

I maintain them by applying a layer of top coat over it once a week.

This is a post for a different day.

I think it happened last Monday, when I just came back from Indonesia.

He went to Harbour Front to pick me up and we went to Vivo City for movie.

Again, I told him that I wanted to watch "We not naughty!"

and at the end he bought two tickets for the movie "Underworld Awakening, as expected =_="

He never like to watch local movie phew!

He prefer western action movie and I prefer western/local comedy genre!

I always look for cheaper deal when it comes to movie ticket and

without doubt, he bought a pair of gold-class ticket!

See that? I told you we're two different person!

Of course I enjoyed both the movie and the comfortable seat very much.

But, still, I don't think it worth the money.

If we can get cheaper movie ticket, have a proper seat and watch same movie, why not?

Anyway, after from the movie, we walked over the bridge ( from Vivo city level 2) to St.James area.

Reasons are; it's easier to find taxi there (Never queue for taxi at vivo city! trust me! the queue is always mad long!)

Second purpose is for dinner!

There is a food court or hawker center (whatever you call it) located at St.James.

The offer wide range of local food from Hainan Chicken Rice, Cah Kway Tiaw, etc.

We had minced meat noodle that night!

Again, I love very spicy food and for him, boring, spice-less noodle =P

We're never similar.

A vintage bar!

Note to him:

I have been spending 6 years of Fruitful date with you..

To be very honest, I really love hanging out with you..

You've never fail to make me laugh!

Even some times, well, I should say, even most of the time we fight,

I still wish to fight and quarrel with you..Forever =D

Btw, I wish we're having a good time and peaceful date in Bali now *fingerscrossed*

Appreciate some comments!

Maybe on the zodiac thingy? Share with me how you met your love one? Anything!
Just leave some thought! =D

Anyway, have a good sleep tonight everyone!


  1. haha i love the last picture of you guys, so sweet :) it's funny that he's putting up an angry face ^^

  2. Noodles, njam, makes me hungry!

  3. seems like we hv the same fate rene~ :)
    we date for almost 9yr but we just married..
    me and my love in "shio" and zodiac both said that we cant be together,but what can i do ???
    he dont believe such "things",so we ends in married,hahahah...
    we both hv the diff hobbies,too much and much diff between us,i cant remember how many times i want to break up,but he never approve it,and every time i say break,he always hv the ways to make me back to him,LOL~
    and someday i suddenly realize that how precious i'm to he,and i know that although sometimes i hate he,deep in my heart he still the ONE.. ;)
    so irene,u must hv a happy life too with your arifin rusli ok...
    lets together we be the except one in those history... HAHAHAH~

  4. Hahaha :D Me and Bf , quarrel very often too . Always heard that 3 years distance shouldn't live together . Cos they will quarrel quite often . Everytime when I feels like give up, ask for breakup, he never approve. I said we're too different, and he ask me to find someone who has 100% similarity . Hahaha , (he's being sarcastic). And I also feels that , after been together for 2years++, I'm no longer his priority. Do you feel what I feel? :D
    Anyways, We are still together thou :)
    Let's jiayou don't give up ! :)

  5. OMG Exactly girls! same to me, I have been requesting break up almost everyday! hahaha but still, everything will be back to normal naturally within less than 2 days? hahaha! and yes, I think I am no longer his queen. That's so sad! Anyway, thanks for sharing! we shall see what happen next =P

  6. For me, 6 yrs of being together, of cos there were quarrels but anger stops within a few minutes or hours. I guess with time, both understand each other and can think what the other party is thinking. :)


Thanks for your lovely comment!