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06 February 2012

PSMTI Reunion Dinner 2012 - Pacific Palace Hotel

Aye! Chinese New Year has finally over! Yay or Nay?

I laod 4 times of Yu Shen This year lol!

This post consists of one of the sessions!

Before I start, this was my attire of the day!

Blazer by Lovefiiefiie

Dress by Justamaze

Look at my lace up booties by!

=D I love my overall look!

This is Merzy! holding his snack with his paws! So cute right! =D

So dad was invited to PSMTI Reunion dinner at Pacific Palace Hotel Batam, Indonesia last weekend.

What's PSMTI stands for?

Paguyuban Sosial Marga Tionghoa Indonesia

(Indonesian: Society for the Chinese-Indonesian Ethnic Group)

The dinner menu was similar to the Prosperous Reunion Dinner that I had last last week.

This time round, I had my reunion dinner with my uncle's family.

The entertainment programs were better that last time though.

Instead of just some songs by singer and dances by dancer,

they hired entertainer from China! I was quite amazed by one of the performers called

Mr Bean! Dou Dou shien shen (I am not good in pinyin).
He worked really hard on stage! =)

It was a cap go meh celebration!

The 15th day of Chinese New year!

I had tang yuan or sweet dumplings? for dessert that day!

Lastly, a picture of mum and sis =D

Have a great day everyone!

Visit PSMTI official here


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